Spain Expat – Getting Settled check list

When you are moving abroad, so much planning and preparation is involved.  It is always handy to have a check list, to be sure you haven’t missed anything.  Once you move abroad, that doesn’t mean the check list stops.  There is even more to do to get settled into your new location.  Here is a sample of our check list of To Do’s once we arrived in Spain:

√ Completed items:
Almunecar Town Hall - one check list item

  1. Find a short-term place to stay while looking for long-term
  2. Find a long-term place to live
  3. Obtain rental contract for long-term place to use for other administrative items
  4. Register with the local town hall
  5. Register with the Police in Motril and apply for NIE card (Resident)
  6. Have a bit of fun here and there  (Pool, beach, playground, hiking, etc)
  7. Obtain application form from the local school
  8. Apply for school
  9. Kids start school
  10. Open Spanish bank account
  11. Obtain school books
  12. Move into new place
  13. Pick up bank cards
  14. Buy new fridge
  15. Order internet
  16. Pick up resident cards in Motril
  17. Obtain cell phones
  18. Purchase a car

 In Progress or still to do:

  1. Research scooter purchase?  decided against a scooter.
  2. Research weekend getaway’s on going

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