Almunecar Costa Tropical – Out for a walk

There is always so much beauty to discover in Almunecar Costa Tropical. Here’s a photo walk along the beach. This American moved to Spain and can help you move too. 

There is always so much beauty to discover in Almunecar Costa Tropical. Here's a photo walk along the beach. This American moved to Spain and can help you move too. Read more on

We love to go for walks, especially along the beach.  The kids and I were out and about “exploring” for nearly two hours the other night. We went into the maze of the Almunecar Old Town (Pedestrian only zone) and just took turns whenever they appeared. I figured there was no way to get lost in the maze, because we weren’t going anywhere.

Almunecar walks

We twisted and turned through the streets, went up and down steep hills as well. It was like a mini Streets of San Francisco. We had so much fun discovering what was around the next turn or over the next crest. We found so many cool little shops and of course happened upon the several Plazas that we are so familiar with.  It was great fun, just roaming around.

On the way home, we decided to walk along the beach. On this particular day the Sea was very rough and the waves were crashing down.  This is the first we have seen it like this since our arrival, so it was quite exciting and energizing.  The kids of course felt the energy as well and went into “nuts” mode on the beach.  Thank goodness there are playgrounds everywhere too.

I am going to take a guess that this type of Sea isn’t a regular thing around here. As we were walking along, we noticed more than 10 people out with their cameras taking pictures of the wild Sea.  I had our little point and shoot with me, so I grabbed a few as well.  Enjoy!

It is amazing to get to know the personality of the town and the area.  Each between the sea and the sky, you receive a new gift.

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