Got Mail? – Address in Spain

We have been in our rental apartment for nearly 2 weeks now and have yet to receive any snail mail.

Address in Spain

When we first negotiated the apartment rental, the owner supplied us with our new address in Spain via email.  The format was pretty standard and we were excited it was easy to remember. (Building Name #, Apartment #,City, Province and postal code)  Pretty much what we are used to seeing in the USA.

So, as we have been getting cell phones, bank accounts, school registration, police registration and a few other things we have been dishing out that exact address. We thought for certain we would get mail from one of the places, but haven’t yet. Last week when we went in to order our internet access, they informed us that it wasn’t a complete address.  We needed more info!  Uh oh!

We went home to view our rental contract and sure enough the address looked nothing like what we have been giving out. It was more of a description of our address.  So it comes out something like; the street beyond the West canyon on the North side. Can you tell we are in a small town or what?  I love it.

What do we do?  How do you address an envelope like that?  Ah ha!  The light bulb goes off.  How about we send a letter to ourselves with the  “short” address and see if it actually arrives!  Just as we were discussing this, I hear a scooter sound out front. The mail man arrived and parked out front on his scooter. Maybe we are getting mail! Nothing for us this time.

Ah ha! The next light bulb goes off. Let’s ask him what our address is. Out I go and introduce myself to the young man (who looks scared to death of me). I ask him if he knows our address and he looks at me like I am completely crazy (I may be, but who is he to judge?). Any hooo, I explain we are new and don’t know our address, at least that is what I think I am saying in Spanish. He is speechless, so on to the next tactic.

May we see a neighbor’s mail, so I can view their address? (Hey, at this point I am thinking I am very crafty).  He hesitantly shows us a neighbor’s mail. (I am just thrilled he understood my Spanish). Their address is kind of a combo of the long and the short.  UGH! Just what we needed, more confusion.  I have a feeling we can put anything down and they will somehow magically find us.

So back to plan A.  Off we go to the post office, with our self-addressed envelope to mail.  (It just occurs to me while writing this, I didn’t put our name on the envelope. Doh!) Oh well, we will see if it arrives.

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