Colors Of Budapest Hungary – Photo Essay

The Colors of Budapest Hungary
The Colors of Budapest Hungary

In our everyday life, we are often in a rush to go from here to there or to “get things done”.  When one is in this mode it is difficult to slow down and appreciate the little gifts or pops of joy that surround you.  We had all heard the popular cliché “Take time to stop and smell the roses” and we are trying to live our life in that way.  We want the kids to learn to appreciate nature, crafts, art and form their own view of beauty.  We shared with you the Colors of Marrakech Morocco and decided we wanted to make this an ongoing series, as we continue our travels.


With that we would love to share with you some little bits of Budapest Hungary that we found beautiful, interesting, or worth stopping to soak in.  With many cities you are surrounded by buildings which may have grey or brown tones, but if you look closely you will find pops of color.  Sometimes we were the color in the photo, but we had fun with it.  I just love the colors of the night sky or the red rooftops in the city.  I just wasn’t expecting to like Budapest as much as we did.

Night Walk Danube River - Budapest Hungary Chain Bridge reflecting in water
Night Walk Danube River – Budapest Hungary Chain Bridge reflecting in water

We look forward to returning again one day and exploring more of the countryside as well. We did venture out of the city, on a full day tour, and visited a few small villages.  Hang tight, as we will share more about that with you later and how we got to step foot in an extra country too!

Our daughter really wanted a pair of those zipper pull earrings, but we just don’t need to have any more “things”.  Not to mention earrings are so easily lost.  I mean we are speaking of our little girl here.  The one that has left 2 old cell phones behind (1 in Madrid and 1 in Morocco).  Yes, when we crack screens (ME!) or get a new phone, she inherits the old ones as a camera/mp3 player.  She didn’t get my last phone as I busted it really well and it doesn’t workie workie at all!  For now she will just need to admire the photos.

Zipper Earrings Budapest Hungary
Zipper Earrings Budapest Hungary

Of course we found the most color in The Great Hall Market.  With produce, food and hand crafts galore!

Embroidered cloth - Budapest Hungary
Embroidered cloth – Budapest Hungary

Colors Of Budapest Hungary

Just select any photo below and it will open them all in more of a slide show.  You can then see the full description and have a closer look at the small ones.

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