Night Walk On The Danube River – Budapest Hungary

Each and every day, I love watching the sun rise or set.  I am someone who thrives off of warmer weather and beautiful crisp clear skies.  I don’t mind the occasional snow or cold, but day-to-day, I love the sun.  I don’t know what it is, but if it is a sunny day, I am in a great mood and feel energized.  So what the heck happens to me at night when the sun is shining brightly on the other side of the world?

Night Walk Route Danube River Budapest Hungary
Night Walk Route Danube River Budapest Hungary

Flashback to 2014:  Not to worry, as I am also fascinated with the lights twinkling at night.  Cityscapes are nice to see in the day, but there is something special about the night.  There is nothing like seeing all of those buildings glistening from top to bottom, with the street lights below and the hustle and bustle of moving vehicles.  So as you can see, I love nights too, and it’s even better if you can see reflections off of a body of water.  Well, in Budapest we had just that.  Every evening we had the opportunity to view the Buda side of the town all lit up on the hills all reflecting below in the Danube River.  We were staying right in District I and very close to the Elizabeth Bridge.  (There are a total of 8 Bridges in Budapest)

Night Walk Danube River - Budapest Hungary The Royal Palace and Chain Bridge
Night Walk Danube River – Budapest Hungary The Royal Palace and Chain Bridge

Our first few nights it was cold and a bit rainy, so we didn’t get out to take any night photos.  Other nights we were just too tired from a long day.  Finally our last night in Budapest 3 generations of girls (Grandma Linda, our daughter and I) headed out for our sunset and lights-on walk.  This was no little walk we were about to encounter, because I wanted to walk down the Danube River, and get a photo of the House of Parliament from the other side of the river.

I checked on-line and sunset was due at 8:37 pm.  I figured it would take us about an hour to get to our destination, at a leisurely stroll.  We walked up to the Chain Bridge and crossed over the Danube River.  The Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Danube between Buda and Pest, the west and east side.  It was the first bridge across the Danube River in Budapest and completed in 1849.

We then continued to walk up the river on the other side, so I could be directly across from the House of Parliament.  Sunset did happen right on time, but the lights didn’t come on the bridges or buildings for another 10 minutes or so.  It was like waiting for a watched pot to boil.  I kept thinking “What if this is the one day the lights don’t come on?”.  Not to worry, I was busy snapping photos everywhere.  As well as watching the sky transform through various shades of blue, from a light baby blue, to a crystal clear cobalt blue and then fade into a midnight blue.

Night Walk On The Danube River - Budapest Hungary Spring 2014
Night Walk On The Danube River – Budapest Hungary Spring 2014

We first noticed the bridges begin to light up and then the buildings and street lights all joined in.  Boats and ferries with lights passed along the Danube River as well.  It was quite spectacular and well worth the walk and the wait.  I just loved looking at it all and soaking up the energy that began to buzz in the evening.  The city was now alive with lights and everywhere you looked were photo opportunities.  Now, if I were only a great photographer we would have had it made.  Instead you get to enjoy my shots that I happen to like.

Night Walk On The Danube River – Budapest Hungary


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