The Purple Chicken 14 Day Challenge – Spanish Language

So we have been here in Spain for just over 2 months and we are by no means fluent in the Spanish Language.  We have made great progress and are very proud, but need to kick ourselves in the pants a bit more and get out there with the locals. We have met many expats while here. Some have been here a few months like us and others for 10-15 years and not many are fluent either! I can’t let that happen to me, I must improve.

Learning Spanish Language

I have been doing several things to learn the language and will cover that in another post.  I just want to speak with people! So, inspired by the game my wonderful 10 year old son taught me, I have created The Purple Chicken 14 Day Challenge.

What is Purple Chicken?  Read our post on the rules HERE.

My Spanish Language Challenge

Starting today and each day for 14 days, I have to have a full conversation in Spanish with a native or Spanish Speaker.
Some rules I made for myself:

  • It must be a real conversation, not ordering food at a restaurant.
  • It should be with strangers or rarely the same person. (I don’t know many native speakers at all)
  • I must keep a daily log of my progress and Spanish Language learning experiences.
  • I will share my progress with you in a weekly blog post.
  • I may share little moments via our WagonersAbroad Facebook Page

Your Challenge

Yes, you have a challenge too! Each day for 14 days, you have to have a full conversation in the foreign language you are learning OR just give it a try with Strangers in your native language.

Yes, strangers!  Can’t be your friends, because I will be speaking with complete strangers. I want you to see how difficult this really is, to just go up to complete strangers in any language and have a chit chat with them.

If you do this challenge or a variation of it for even 1 day… please share your experience with us on the blog.  😉  

If you don’t do it, let me know you are using your Purple Chicken.


The Results!

days 1 – 7 of the callenge

days 8-14 of the challenge

Come on and tell us what you think!

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