Where are we going to live in Spain? (Part 3 – Ta Da!)

Where are we going to live in Spain? Part 1

Where are we going to live in Spain ? Part 2

As mentioned previously, we viewed several places our first day here. The one we loved the most was advertised as a holiday rental. We inquired to see if he would rent long-term and waited for his reply. We did hear back from the landlord and he was willing to rent out his place long-term!  We canceled our viewing appointments that were set up for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So after just a day here, we have a place to live in Spain!

Family living abroad and finding a rental in Spain

It isn’t available until the 14th, so we are in a short-term apartment up in the hills until then.  We don’t have any pictures to share, but I will do my best to describe our new home as of the 14th. It 2 stories and has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The main living area, the master and one of the bedrooms have a sea view. The kitchen is compact and the bathrooms are as well.  It feels right and is in good walking distance from the town activities. We will be living without AC, a dishwasher and a clothes dryer, but that is the way it is here.   We will have a few pictures to share after we move in.

On Thursday, we met up with the Property Manager (Owner is living in Germany) and we walked over together to meet with the Lawyer. The Property Manager is so cool! (I won’t name him, as we haven’t asked his permission)  He is a Peruvian from San Francisco, CA and has lived here about 36 years.  He has been extremely helpful for us in many ways and he was there as a proxy for the owner.

We spent about 30-40 minutes with the Lawyer, reviewing the rental contract and signed our lease.  Let me just say, he didn’t speak a word of English and we did very well. Occasionally the Property Manager needed to translate for us, but we were both pretty proud that most often we got it without translation!   Every day we are amazed at how the planning and execution for this journey has been like clockwork. So many things just keep working out in our favor. It really feels as though it was meant to be!

American family living abroad


If you want to be a family living abroad too, here are some helpful resources:

7 thoughts on “Where are we going to live in Spain? (Part 3 – Ta Da!)

  1. Hi Heidi! We’re currently in Almunecar on a short scouting trip. We’re staying in San Cristobel and wandered around a bit yesterday trying to get a sense of the place. We haven’t seen many families out and about, mostly just retirees. Do you have any advice as to where we should go (and at what time) to get a sense of what life is like for families here? We checked out some neighborhoods yesterday as well, but things were quiet as kids were all in school I suppose. Any suggestions? Maybe we just have bad timing. 🙂

    • Hi, School runs from 9am-2pm and then it is siesta. I would say most people are out and about around 5-8pm and usually in town in the Plazas. We live in the San Cristobal side of town and kids are out in our neighborhood. This side of town is a bit more quiet in the winter and most kids play in their own urbanisation or neighborhood. In the town center is more lively all year, I would say up the hill off of Av. Costa Del Sol at Urb. Coasta Banana or at the plaza along Av. Andalucia near the El Faro Restaurant or at Plaza Madrid. Many people go to the plazas and not so much the beach in the winter. Of course there is the Los Pinos side of town as well, up the hill on the other side. The town is far more quiet in the winter, as it is “cooler”. Yep the locals feel this 70’F days are cold. There are playgrounds along Paseo del Altillo. I would also recommend checking out La Herradura. It is smaller and there is one main playground along the beach. Perhaps also in the center of town, by the Town Hall.

      How old are your kids?

      • Thanks for the suggestions! We were near the old town when school got out this afternoon and the streets were flooded with kids walking home. We also noticed as we were walking back to our apartment this evening around 6:00 that there were more families out and about. We checked out La Herradura today and spoke with a real estate agent. Nice community, but think we may be a bit too far from things (eg. school, grocery stores) there. San Cristobal, where we’re staying now, seems a good size and not as busy as the center of town. Also stopped by AIS and drove around Los Pinos this afternoon, but didn’t get a good handle on that area yet. Our kids are 7, 4, and 5 months so proximity to playgrounds and plazas is important. Although we’ve done alot of research online, we were still surprised at how large Almunecar actually is.

  2. Hi Heidi,
    Thanks for all the great info, we are seriously considering adding Almuñécar to our upcoming Spain itinerary.
    Can you recommend any towns within an hour or so of Madrid on the train that might provide affordable accommodation? Madrid itself is pricey and we are travelling with a toddler so prefer somewhere smaller where we can get to know the locals and take it easy but would love to be able to access Madrid when we want to. Thanks, Emma

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