See What’s Scooting Around Hanoi Vietnam

After spending 23 nights in Laos it was time to move on to Vietnam.  Since we were in Northern Laos, it only made sense to hop on over to Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, and take a month to work our way south.  We had the option of the 26-hour bus ride over the mountains from Vientiane Laos to Hanoi Vietnam, or for $75 each we could take the 1-hour flight.  No need to do the math or make any justifications on this one.  Vietnam Airlines, here we come!

What is Scooting Around Hanoi Vietnam, On many street corners you will fine people with a scooter for hire (taxi, delivery, messenger). Photo essay - see what's scooting around Hanoi, Vietnam. Read more on

Arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam

Flashback to 2014:

We arrived in Hanoi after 9pm and our hostel arranged to have a car pick us up.  Oh that was nice arriving into a new city and seeing your name on a sign.  He already knew where we needed to go, so no need for the charades and pointing at the smart phone to try to communicate where we wanted to go. By the time we made it to our hostel, in the old quarter of the city, it was well after 10pm.  It was dark and the streets had a little traffic.  We ran across the street to buy some snacks for dinner and off to bed we went.  The next morning was quite a different experience.

We woke up to the buzz of city traffic and a 7:30 loud-speaker with announcements, followed by a song (perhaps the National Anthem?).  Alan and the kids were still sound asleep, but I just couldn’t resist going outside to check it all out.  I got dressed and headed outside, only to find Gma Bev doing the exact same thing.  There she was on the sidewalk video taping the traffic.

We both laughed and realized we would never be able to cross the street.  We would be stuck on our little island (block) forever!  We walked to each end of our block and around and were amazed with all of the traffic and the vast number of bikes and scooters.  What fascinated me most was what they were all scooting around Hanoi.

During our 5 days in Hanoi, I just couldn’t resist capturing a few photos of the things transported via bikes and scooters.  On many street corners you will find people with a scooter for hire.  They can taxi you or your things to your destination, so think of it as a bike messenger, delivery man or taxi.  But don’t miss out on buying goods from people scooting around in bicycles too.  They have it all in Hanoi!  I have put together this photo essay so you can see what’s scooting around Hanoi, Vietnam.

Scooting Around Hanoi - package delivery
These ladies need a package delivered.

Photo Essay: See What’s Scooting Around Hanoi, Vietnam


Scooting Around Hanoi (17)
Look at the guy in the middle.  Both he and his scooter are completely covered with packages.
Scooting Around Hanoi (16)
I am not sure if the guy with barrels is the garbage man or what, but check out what they are scooting around in the back!  Some furniture?
Scooting Around Hanoi (14)
I am sure that would be comfy to lean against, but in this stop and go traffic, I’m sure it isn’t easy to balance.
Scooting Around Hanoi (13)
I love the flowers just crossing the road, you can barely see that someone is riding the bike.  Not to mention the load behind the flowers. How do they navigate?
Scooting Around Hanoi (11)
Many of the stores receive their supplies and deliveries via scooter too.
Scooting Around Hanoi (10)
Take time to stop and smell the flowers!
Scooting Around Hanoi (9)
Need diapers or toilet paper?  Not to worry, the store comes to you!  Yep, you can buy your toiletries in drive by mode.
Scooting Around Hanoi (8)
The water man!  I wonder how many return trips he needs to make to reload his deliveries?
Scooting Around Hanoi (7)
I really want to know what’s in that green box!
Scooting Around Hanoi (6)
If you need any ceramic dishes or tea pots, just look for this bicycle riding by.
Scooting Around Hanoi (18)
I am not sure how this guy can navigate the roads.  He was just about to enter the highway, which we crossed on foot, just after this photo was taken.  Yikes!
Scooting Around Hanoi
Don’t forget, you can buy all of your produce out on the streets too.  It is kind of nice having things come to you, but when you are looking for them they aren’t always around.
Scooting Around Hanoi (1)
Gma Bev chatting with Rose.  She sells souvenirs from her scooter, shirts, purses scarves and more.
Scooting Around Hanoi (2)
I know we covered flowers already, but they are just so beautiful.
Scooting Around Hanoi (3)
I am not sure what he has on his scooter, but at first I thought it was a couch.  I think it may be foam.
Scooting Around Hanoi (4)
There really isn’t a moment that goes by without seeing someone scooting around Hanoi.
Scooting Around Hanoi (5)
Perhaps this is paint delivery?

Thanks for stopping by.  We do love to read your comments, so let us know your thoughts.  Share with us what crazy things you have seen scooting around and where.

Oh by the way, we eventually did figure out how to cross the street in Hanoi.  We even walked across the highway!  We will tell you more about that later.

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