Secret Wooden Puzzle Box For Money Gifts & More

There are so many fun ways to give a gift. And nothing is better than to have the presentation be a gift too.  Why not use a secret wooden puzzle box for money, a trip, or even a photo of the actual gift inside.  

Secret wooden puzzle box for money gift and other puzzle boxes for gift ideas, slide puzzles, brain teasers, & brain puzzles games. Read more on

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Secret Wooden Puzzle Box For Money Gifts & More

There are so many wooden puzzle boxes to choose from and they all vary on the difficulty level.  With some of the puzzles boxes for kids with an easier difficulty level and many for adults with are more difficult puzzles or brain teasers.

Our list below are highly rated puzzle boxes, slide puzzles, brain puzzle games and some with a secret compartment to hide a gift!

Shashibo Shape Maker

This magnetic puzzle box transforms into over 70 shapes and is quite mysterious!  It uses about 36 rare earth magnets to create this shape shifting box.  You may connect many of the boxes to build different structures, sculptures, and forms.  They all have very modern designs and you can even give a boxed set. 

Wooden Puzzle Boxes

There are many wooden puzzle boxes with slide drawers, brain teasers and some with a secret compartment to hide something inside.  These are the perfect gift for that clever person who loves brain teasers and puzzles.  You can hide money in side, a piece of jewelry, or even print a note with a photo of the gift on it. 

Puzzle boxes with hidden compartments will give you a fun puzzle of this secret compartment box among friends and groups, they will wonder in these the magic box puzzle and cards case holder

Secret small wooden boxes designs are for cards, cash and money puzzle box that come along with tricks to open proper giving as box puzzles for adults.

Build Your Own Puzzle Box

This do it yourself kit gives you something to create for a beautiful piece of work when you are finished.  It is a well designed 3d wooden puzzle box, with interlocking mechanisms and ready to assemble.  Take this challenge on or give it as a gift to those who like to be hands on.  The pieces go together smoothly with no glue and with step-by-step visual instructions.

This is a good challenge and fun for those who love a brain teaser.  Once it is complete, you can display it as a conversation starter or it is something let them figure out. 

Unique Maze Puzzle Box For Money

You just insert the money or your paper gift into the maze puzzle box and let the recipient figure it out!  It makes it fun and exciting, sometimes frustrating if it is too difficult, so have the solution at the ready.  So many times teens just want money as a gift, so they can buy exactly what they want. It is no fun just handing over an envelope or the cash, so make it a bit more fun!

The best part with this one is it can become a piggy bank after the initial gift opening.  These money maze puzzle boxes are made from sturdy materials that are safe for kids.


Wire Puzzle Brain Teasers

It is loads of fun to give a brain teaser as a gift.  This will provide loads of entertainment for those who enjoy puzzles and to just fiddle with things.  There are 16 wire puzzles in this kit, but there are also many more for you to choose from. 


Magic Wooden Ball Brain Teaser Puzzle

This is for those who really like a challenge.  It is not only difficult to take apart, but you will have fun putting it back together too!


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