Rainforest, Beach & Monkeys At The Berjaya Langkawi Resort

We were fortunate enough to experience two different resorts during our week-long visit to Langkawi.  Langkawi is made up of a cluster of 99 islands, which are all part of the UNESCO World Geopark as of 2007.  The first few nights we were at the Meritus Pelangi and our last few nights we had the pleasure of experiencing something a bit different.  We stayed at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort in a rainforest!  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a tropical rainforest right?

Here's our Berjaya Langkawi Resort Review. Rainforest, Beach & Monkeys At The Berjaya Langkawi Resort.  Offering luxury, adventure and relaxation.  Perfect for romance or families. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Here’s our Berjaya Langkawi Resort Review

We would like to thank Naturally Langkawi for providing us this week-long experience in the luscious Langkawi.  In return we will share our honest review of accommodation, activities and dining with you.  So be on the lookout for a few posts from us.

The Rooms at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Rainforest Studio Chalet

We stayed in a Rainforest Studio Chalet.  Our chalet consisted of an entry with wardrobe, fridge and desk area.  We also had a living room area with couch and coffee table and a separate bedroom with a king bed.  The bathroom was huge, with double sliding doors and a lovely bath tub and standing rain shower.

We also had a deck with table and chairs, to sit high in the trees with the local monkeys. We were in a really lush tropical rainforest, with nature everywhere.  Our particular chalet, room 1139, had small views of the Andaman Sea through the trees.  Other chalets may have more or less of a sea view.  At night it was great to hear the creatures speak, frogs chirp and just enjoy the nature.

As there were 4 of us, with one king bed, we requested a rollaway bed as well.  There was plenty of space in the chalet for the 4 of us, with the extra bed and the couch.  The huge TV would swivel around and face the bedroom area or the lounge area.  To be honest, we were out and about all day, so were mainly in the room during the evenings.

The Berjaya Langkawi Resort Review of Amenities & Grounds

This is a very large 5-star resort with over 424 rooms/chalets.  Our outdoor surroundings of the lush tropical rainforest, made it feel like we were camping, but in 5 star style indoors.  I think that is the feel they were going for.

There is a road that winds around up and over to reach all of the chalets along the hillside and along the beach. The only vehicles allowed on this road are the hotel shuttles and a few scooters, delivering room service!

Yes, we watched as a man riding a scooter, held a tray stacked high with food, rode by delivering room service.  He gracefully navigated the winding mountain road, assuming he delivered the goods with no problem.  Absolutely amazing.  I don’t even think I could have walked with that tray, without having something fall off.  Too bad I couldn’t get the camera out for a photo in time. He really buzzed by quickly.

More about the hotel.  This is a very busy and popular resort.  Once you are inside, it is very relaxing and picturesque.  They offer daily activities, pool, beach as well as those “to die for” chalets over the water.  Yes, this resort covers 70 acres and provides chalets in both the rainforest as well as along the beach.  There are several dining options, stores, spa and of course the main lobby is also the transportation hub.  I know you are wondering “What the heck is a transportation hub?”  Let me tell you!

Transportation Hub

This is my own made up term by the way, but it is how I can best describe the experience.  If you self-drive, this is where the parking lot is located.  This is the main lobby and how you come and go from the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.  It is also the hub to come and go to your chalet.  They have several big shuttle buses that take you to/from your rooms.  They hold about 12 people and are constantly running 24/7.

The resort is very hilly and at times there may be a bit of rain; you are in the rainforest after all.  These are very handy for those, that don’t want to hike the hills.  The only problem we had with the shuttle service, is the timing of things.  They are on a constant cycle, but many times we had to wait in the lobby for up to 10-15 minutes, as there were many people queued up to get on the shuttle as well.  We are on vacation and really 10-15 minutes is no big deal.

We are they type of family that likes to be a bit spontaneous and just up and go, with a shuttle system, we did need to plan a bit and call ahead for pick up.  One bonus of waiting in a queue, is meeting the other travelers.  We met one couple on their honeymoon and they absolutely loved the shuttle service and felt it was the perfect honeymoon resort.

The Berjaya Langkawi Resort Beach and Pools

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Pool and Rainforest

They offer one main pool, with swim-up bar, just below the main lobby.  We did spend plenty of our free time here.  One side of the pool, there are gorgeous views of the rainforest.  Berjaya Langkawi Resort Beach setting up for a wedding

On the other side of the pool are beautiful white sand beaches, where they hold destination weddings.  Berjaya Langkawi Resort Resident Monkeys

One afternoon we were hanging out at the pool and a family of monkeys came to visit.  It was quite exciting and fun to see them with their little golden babies.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Dining Options

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Dining Options

We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast buffet each morning in the Dayang Cafe, as well as a couple of dinners.  Each night was a different theme for the buffet, so it was like dining at a new restaurant.  They always had many cooking stations, for made to order items as well as endless amounts of other food selections.  One night, we also dined outdoors, over the water, at the fine restaurant Pahn-Thai.  It was very nice and we all enjoyed the spectacular sunset view from our table.  They also offer a sports bar, beach restaurant, boathouse bar, Oriental Pearl, as well as a Japanese Restaurant.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Location

The resort is located near a popular attraction, the Langkawi Skycab or Cable Car.  It is within walking distance from this as well as the small shopping area, the Oriental Village. The hotel also provides shuttle service here, for additional shopping and dining options. The Berjaya Langkawi Resort flows along the beaches of Burau Bay and extends up, nestled into the hills and lush tropical rainforest.  You really couldn’t ask for more diversity in one location and for this we liked it.

It is about a 20 minute drive from the airport and 45 minutes from the ferry port. For us the location was a bit remote, without a car.  Luckily all of our transportation was provided for us with each of our tours and activities.  We like to get out and about and walk around to explore.  That said, there was plenty to explore on property and if you book a tour, they will pick you up right at the lobby.  This location was ideal for the couple that was on their honeymoon and it was also the perfect destination wedding location for the bridal party we met.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Pool and Beach

Berjaya Langkawi Resort Contact Info


Sometimes the Berjaya can be a little remote for people.  If you have more to add to our Berjaya Langkawi Resort Review, based on your experience staying there, please add information in the comments below.

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Here's our Berjaya Langkawi Resort Review. Rainforest, Beach & Monkeys At The Berjaya Langkawi Resort.  Offering luxury, adventure and relaxation.  Perfect for romance or families. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


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Disclosure: Our accommodation was provided by the Naturally Langkawi and Berjaya Langkawi Resort,all opinions are our own.

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