Kyloe Restaurant & Grill The Steak That Won My Heart

Our Christmas holiday in Scotland would not be complete without a stupendous meal to go along with all of the great memories we’ve had while in Edinburgh.  We were fortunate to eat at Kyloe Restaurant & Grill, and let me tell you it was definitely memorable.

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill, a great steakhouse in Edinburgh. Read our full review on


While the Kyloe Restaurant & Grill isn’t easy to spot from afar, it is in an excellent location in a well-known area.  Located at the end of Rutland Street, it’s very close to where Princes Street changes into Shandwick Place.  Chances are, if you’re spending some time in Edinburgh, you’ll find yourself walking along Princes Street, so Kyloe is centrally located.


As the picture above shows, the restaurant is in The Rutland Hotel.  The interior has cow motif.  The furniture is covered in cowhides, and the surrounding artwork includes Neo-classical cow compositions from masters such as Moonet and Vincent van Bovine, to name a few.  Our table was near the corner window, with spectacular views of Edinburgh Castle.

The Menu

We’re in Scotland at a nice restaurant, so what’s on order?  Well Scottish beef of course.  Known throughout the world for some of the finest beef available, it’s difficult to beat Angus for its flavor.  Our only problem is that everything on the menu sounds so good.

Our Starters

We are big bread lovers, so of course we ordered a couple of loaves of bread that comes with this tasty spread and butter.  Heidi ordered the Toasted Glazert with lentil salsa and apple vinegar reduction.  I had no idea what a glazert even was until the waiter said it was goat cheese.  That was right up Heidi’s alley!

Our son decided to try something that he’s never tried before…oysters!  He ordered a single Loch Creran Rock Oyster that comes with lemon and a red wine shallot vinegar.  He’s always pushing himself to try new and different foods (he sure doesn’t get that from me!).  Our daughter went with a Ham selection, and I opted for a sampling of some locally sourced Pastrami with Tomato Chutney.

And how did it taste?  Fantastic!  Superb!  Everyone enjoyed the starters, and they really set a high bar for the rest of the meal.  We don’t normally have access to pastrami in Spain, and this was no ordinary pastrami.  Combined with the tomato chutney on the toasted slice of bread, it was a match made in heaven.  Heidi devoured her goat cheese with all the trimmings as well.

The Main Course

We’re in a steakhouse, with a large number of options, and our waiter, Chris, asked us if we wanted to see the various cuts of beef on offer.  Absolutely!  So Chris brought out a board with the cuts of beef, and explained what they were, how long they are aged, and he recommended the best degree of doneness for each one.  Who knew that a meal could be so educational?!

I’ll admit that I was intrigued by the “Tomahawk Steak”.  It is an on-the bone Rib Steak that has quite a presence.  In the end though, we opted for the Fillet, and Gma Linda chose the 60-Day Aged Ribeye.  With various vegetable and hand-cut chips (french fries) sides, we were all set.

While waiting for our main course, we talked about our previous holidays together, and reminisced about all of the holidays we’ve spent with Gma Linda all over the world.  Paris still ranks at the top, but Edinburgh is up there too.  It’s quite a list, and it’s funny how our meals always factor into those great memories.

A steak lover’s dream


At long last, the plates were brought out, and they looked spectacular.  Everyone wanted to dig in, but I had to keep reminding everyone that we needed “before” pictures.  Once again, the dishes were made to perfection.  Heidi and our son could not stop raving about the broccoli and portabella mushrooms.  Of course we all made our ooh and ahh sounds while biting into our steaks.


Truly an amazing meal, especially topped with the green garlic butter.  I was absolutely filled!


The dessert selections ranged from the glorious to the downright decadent.  Everyone left some room for dessert but me (I was just too full).  But that didn’t prevent me from “sampling”.


Our son and Gma Linda had Bread & Butter Pudding with beer caramel sauce, honey ice cream, which Gma Linda thoroughly enjoyed.  (I also learned that I like honey ice cream.)


Heidi had the Chocolate & Stem Ginger Tart and our daughter ordered Kyloe Knickerbocker Glory, which is stunning.  It’s a combination of brownie, fudge, blackberries, chocolate sauce, pomegranates, vanilla ice cream.  Wow!  I’m a fan with anything that has pomegranates, and this dessert really delivered!

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill Service

We arrived a bit early for our reservation, but the staff was more than happy to seat us anyway.  We were well taken care of and really had a great time.  With Heidi having many years in food and beverage management, she really looks at every aspect of the service and she was very pleased with the service we received.  They even came to crumb the table between courses and that gave Heidi a big smile.  You know it’s a good meal when 2 hours pass by and it doesn’t even feel like it.


In Conclusion

We enjoyed our time in Edinburgh, and thanks to the incredible staff at Kyloe Restaurant & Grill, we added a fantastic meal to our memories.  If you’re in Edinburgh, and you’re looking for an excellent dining experience, you need to check out Kyloe.  They also offer a private dining area for groups of 10 – 16 people.  Thumbs up all around for us, so if you are in the area you should stop by for a meal.

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill

Address: 1-3 Rutland Street, Edinburgh
Telephone: +44 0131 229 3402
Web:  Click here for their website and menu
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12:30pm – 10:30pm

 So what do you think?  Are you a steak lover?
Disclosure:  We partnered with This is Edinburgh (the official guide to Edinburgh)  and Kyloe Restaurant & Grill.  All opinions are our own.

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