Fish Pedicure In Chiang Mai Thailand

Guess what? Today I went to the fish spa and had a fish pedicure!


I have wanted to do this for just about 2 years or so. I first saw a fish spa in Barcelona, Spain.  It was very expensive, so we never did it.  Now that we are in Thailand, we kept seeing them everywhere.  Mom kept saying we would do it eventually.

Fish Pedicure Fish Spa Chiang Mai Thailand.

So after almost 3 weeks in Thailand, we finally found a good one in Chiang Mai.  It was just around the corner from our hotel.  Want to know the best part?  It was only 40 Baht (a little more than a dollar), for 15 minutes.  So, my mom and I did it together for 15 minutes!

My Fish Pedicure

As we entered the spa, we had to take off our shoes.  Then we had to put our feet into a tub area and they rinse off your feet. Next we walked over to the fish tank.

Fish Pedicure Fish Spa Chiang Mai Thailand

What I thought was pretty cool, was that the tank water glows too.  I think they have a special light in the tank.  There was a seat on top of the tank.  I climbed up and sat down. They told me to go ahead and put my feet in the water.

So when I put my feet in, almost all of the fish came swimming over and covered my feet.  At first it felt weird and I didn’t like knowing that fish were pretty much eating my feet.  But after a few seconds it was okay.  It felt like a million little kisses.  It was great and their mouths went up my foot like little vacuums.  It felt funny, tickled a little, and it tingled too. They liked to go in between my toes and that tickled even more.

When my mom put her feet in, they all rushed over to her.  I only had about 10 left on mine.  But they came back, because I am so irresistible.  We had fun together and I would recommend giving it a try.

Fish Pedicure Fish Spa Chiang Mai Thailand

After we were done, I noticed that my heel was really smooth. I also noticed it was smooth between my toes too.  I really liked it and want to do it again.

Fish Pedicure Fish Spa Chiang Mai Thailand

We also made a little video of my experience doing the fish spa.  So please watch it below.  I am sorry if you can’t hear me very well.  I tried to speak my loudest, but there was tons of traffic.

Adventures with Anya – Fish Pedicure Video

The fish pedicure spa was located just across from Tha Phae Gate.  It is just south of McDonald’s.

Have you ever had a fish pedicure?  Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Fish Pedicure In Chiang Mai Thailand

  1. Anya,
    I did this also when I was in Bangkok. I agree it certainly felt like little kisses. It is much better then using a file. Looks like you are having the best time. Had lunch with grandma Linda today and all we talked about was you and Lars and your great mom and dad. Reading all your posts and missing you all.

  2. Wow, you ladies are brave. I must say that this kind of grosses me out LOL! Even more than when Lars ate the bugs or spiders or whatever the heck they were. Yew!

    • Ha! So sorry Mary. It was a bit weird, but I would take the fish on my feet any day over eating a scorpion! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and following along with our crazy adventures.

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