Chiang Mai On A Stick

No matter where you go in Chiang Mai, you will see people eating food on a stick.  It is amazing what is available to you and how much can be eaten from a stick.  I will be the first to admit, we don’t know what most of this food is.  Nope, we haven’t ventured too far off the familiar path and tasted much of it either.  So let’s take a look at what you will find in Chiang mai on a stick.

Chiang Mai on a Stick Title

Our Tour of Chiang Mai on a Stick

Flashback to 2014:

You can get pretty much any food group you like on a stick in Chiang Mai.  There is no shortage of options for what can go on a stick.  It does happen to be very convenient, as it seems everyone is always on the go.  No need to wash utensils or package up the good.  Just hand over that stick and start digging in!

Meats on a stick

First stop on our tour, meats on a stick.  You will find chicken wings, sausage, grilled chicken, pork and all sorts of meat on a stick.  Some of it looks fantastic and others look like the “unknown meat” category.

Meats on a stick

Chiang Mai on a stick more meat

Fruits on a stick

We take full advantage of the fruit on a stick. It keeps your hands from getting sticky.  It also helps having the stick to pick out that next perfect piece to eat.

Chiang Mai on a stick fruits

Goodies on a stick

This is getting a little crazy!  They even sell donuts on a stick.  Again, it is piratical and keeps your hands from getting sticky, but come on!  Notice the name on the sign “Holething”.  I’m not sure what they are attempting to translate to in English.

Chiang Mai on a stick donuts

Flowers on a stick

Don’t forget to stop by the florist and pick up your flowers on a stick!

Chiang Mai on a stick flowers

Money on a stick

This is the best!  When collecting donations for the Monks, even the money is collected on a stick.

Chiang Mai on a stick money

Who knows what’s on the stick?

Then we have the “I don’t know what it is category”.  Sometimes we will be walking around and see food and just wonder “what the heck is that?”  If you know, feel free to mention it below in the comments.

  1. Chiang Mai on a stick (1)
  2. I think this is ham wrapped around mushrooms and Alan thinks it is squid. Do you know?Chiang Mai on a stick (3)
  3. This could be pork balls?Chiang Mai on a stick (9)
  4. Help us out with this, tofu?Chiang Mai on a stick

You can always find food on a stick in Chiang Mai, especially at the markets.  Check out the Sunday Market or the Saturday Market.  Thanks for coming along on our Chiang Mai On A Stick journey.  There are loads more around town, but you get the idea.

Remember to help us out and let us know what some of this stuff is, in the comments below.

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Come on and tell us what you think!

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