How can a family from the USA just up and move to Spain?

It may appear to many that this was “all of the sudden”, but in actuality it has been nearly a year in the making. And that is just once we made the decision to move to Spain, we dreamed and researched plenty prior to that.

How to Move to Spain  We were fortunate in the past to have a “job” take care of much of the leg work when moving abroad. This time we were on our own and it was a daunting amount of work to dredge through.

Our process on how to move to Spain

  • We needed to apply for the correct Visa. This alone was a wild goose chase. We visited the web site for the Spanish Consulate several times and had a few phone conversations with them as well. After all of that we found out about the  unpublished or difficult to find “Non Lucrative” Visa. The requirements were sent to us and the documentation fun began.
  • Decisions we needed to make on existing life; Store, Sell, Give away? What should we do with our current home?   What about our 2 cars? We have so many “things”, all of our belongings within our home. Furniture, Electronics, Photos, knick knacks, memories. What are we going to do with all of this “stuff”?
  • How and when do we tell people, what we are up to?  What kind of reaction do we need to be prepared for?
  • What do we do with our current jobs? How far in advance should we tell them what is going on?
  • How long will this process take?
  • How long will our finances last?

The list seemed endless and is still going…….. We will try to capture as much as we can about what we went through during the planning process as well as the experiences as we progress.

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