One Year Abroad – Alan’s Thoughts

Wow!  It’s been an entire year abroad for the Wagoners.  We have done so many things, visited a lot of different places, and met some fantastic people (both in person and online).  It’s hard to sum up all of the great things that have happened over this past year, so I’m going to focus on the things that are most important to me.

Reflecting on one year abroad

The first one would be the kids.  They did such an amazing job this past year!  Becoming fluent in Spanish, and kicking butt in their classes has been such a joy to see.  It was difficult at first, and both kids had some tough times, but they pushed through it, and it really helped their self-confidence.  It’s such a huge life lesson for them, and they handled it with aplomb.  As a parent, it’s such a gratifying feeling.

The second, and biggest, is that we are a lot closer as a family.  We’ve all grown as individuals, but the we have shown each other how we can really pull together as a family.  We have shared, and continue to share, an experience that transcends a mere vacation or holiday.  As a couple, Heidi and I have grown as well.  I feel more in tune with Heidi now, and we laugh together more.  On the parenting front, we have more of a united front, and that definitely helps with the kids.

What does the next year entail for the Wagoners?  Hopefully, we’ll be in Spain as long as we want, but whatever happens, we’re continuing our Journey a closer and more enlightened family.

Many thanks to all those individuals and families who have helped and inspired us.  We hope to “pay it forward”.  Thank you dear Readers for keeping up with our travels/experiences, and for your comments.  Keep them coming.

Heidi’s 1 year thoughts.

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Alan digs on technology and travel and is definitely the comic in the family. He's traveled all over the globe in search of cultural experiences. He has a fantastic wife and two great children that put up with his "humor", and luckily they all love travel as well. In Aug 2012, they sold their house and all of their possessions and moved to Spain to soak up the culture. He has written a book titled Live In Spain to help those wanting to obtain a Spanish Resident Visa. He also loves to write about the funnier side of the family's adventures.

5 thoughts on “One Year Abroad – Alan’s Thoughts

  1. I am so sick living in Bay Area
    Everything is so expensive I have no live just work work and bills
    I want to move somewhere to take a breath.

  2. I’m so pleased to hear that you all plan on staying longer (assuming the
    Visa is able to re-up). I live vicariously through your adventures and you know how much your family is an inspiration to us as well since we hope to follow in your footsteps in the not-so-distant future.

  3. It has been such a joy to experience this year with your family. Here’s to another year of learning, sharing and growing. Buena suerte!

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