Something Smells Fishy, Grilled Sardines in Almunecar Spain

Of course seafood is in abundance when living along the Mediterranean Sea.  Each summer little Barbacoa (Barbecue) stands pop up along the beach and many of the “summer only” restaurants light up their barbacoa too.  Last summer, Lars kept asking if he could try the sardines, that were just about every 100 yards along the beach.  Because they were plentiful, I kept telling him we would do it later.  Well in mid-September, we finally went to the beach so Lars could sample the ever so popular Grilled Sardines on a skewer.

Barbacoa Grilled Sardines Almuencar Spain (1)

We stopped at the first barbacoa location and they were already closed for the season.  Off to the next and it was all packed up as well.  Just the day prior, they were all open and now they are all closed.  We continued down the full length of the beach and not one sardine to be found.  Lars was gutted and I felt so bad that I continually put it off, assuming it would always be there.  He kept saying, “You promised!”  Oh, did I feel like a terrible procrastinating mother or what?  Come on fess up and make me feel better, you do it to your kids too, right?

At that time, I promised him he could try them as soon as they opened up for the summer season again.  This was a promise I thought I could keep, as we were only toying with the idea of leaving Spain in the summer.  As time passed and winter arrived, as a family we decided we were going to go ahead and finish the school year and then venture out to Southeast Asia next.

Barbacoa Grilled Sardines Almuencar Spain

In February, we purchased our flights to Bangkok for July.  At that time, Lars still brought up that I promised he could try sardines before we go. Oh goodness, this kid has a memory that will haunt any mother.  I assured him the barbacoa would open before we moved and he would try his grilled sardines.

Early June arrived and no barbacoa!  I start secretly sweating bullets and hope that Lars has completely forgotten about the sardines.  One week later, I see a sign Sardines!  Woo Hoo!  We are home free!

So off we go to taste the sardines.  I took video and Lars created a great silent short film to share his thoughts on the long-awaited sardines.  This kids is to darn creative!  I just love him so much.

Grilled Sardines

Here in Spain they refer to them as Barbacoa or Barbecued Sardines.

Along San Cristobal Beach, for €3 we were served 5 grilled sardines, served with a slice of lemon and a basket of bread.

If you would like to cook them on your own, here is a simple Grilled Sardines recipe for you to try.

As you can see, Lars was just “meh” about the grilled sardines.  Do you like Sardines?

11 thoughts on “Something Smells Fishy, Grilled Sardines in Almunecar Spain

  1. This is the best! Sardines are perfect for grilling since they are easier to cook and takes a short time to grill. And then pair them up with some salsa.. Hunger solved!

    • Time to get over to Spain and try some grilled sardines Jan. Hey are you hitting Europe again this summer? We will be floating around for the next month. Let us know if you are. 🙂

  2. Hi Serena! Wow, how have you been? We have missed hearing from you. The plan is to return to Spain next year sometime, so we will see how that goes. Yes, go enjoy the beach!

  3. What a great video! Sardines grilled on the beach are my son’s favourite food. I’m not crazy about them though, I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten them myself, maybe one small sardine. I AM crazy about pimientos del padrón though, gonna run off and get a bunch tomorrow now that you have reminded me!

    Oh that is so sad that you are leaving! We never got to see each other again! Well I’m going to be selfish I’m going to wish that you get so homesick for Spain when you are in Asia that you come back again!!

  4. They do some mean sardines in the appropriately-named Sardina del Norte on Gran Canaria. Although we prefer snacking on pimientos del padron. It’s the vegetarian in us.

  5. That’s great info Christine. Apologies for making you drool! Ha! Yes, Lars is a trooper and very curious.

  6. In Malaga, the epetos are the best(ok I’m a bit biased). I missed sitting at the local chiringuito having a glass of wine and devouring them. They do have different taste depending on the variety, where they are fished and how they are grilled. I love how Lars is so willing to try new things. ok I’m off to drool. 😉

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