Living Large With Hue Private Cars in Vietnam

When researching travel options for our journey from Hue to Hoi An, I found there were several choices.  I happened upon the option of a private car versus the bus or train.  I reached out to a few agencies for pricing and within minutes, I had a reasonable price from Hue Private Cars (VM Travel).

Hue Private Cars  - Vietnam

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A Day In Hue Vietnam, With VM Travel

A day or two in Hue Vietnam (Hue is pronounced “way”) seems to be the norm for most travelers.  It seems it’s a good stopping point about midway between the popular city of Hanoi and the Unesco village of Hoi An.  We decided to spend about 4 nights in Hue.  We not only wanted to rest and explore, but we don’t like to move too fast.  When we checked into our hotel, they even commented, “Wow you are staying a long time.”  So I guess we did things a little out of the norm, but how it all played out seemed like it was meant to be.

A day in Hue

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Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise In Hoi An Vietnam

The holidays are interesting for us at Wagoners Abroad.  Not only do we have our own ways to celebrate, we get to see how the locals celebrate.  This year, we find ourselves in Hoi An Vietnam.  Our Christmas celebration started with a river cruise.  Officially, it was a Christmas Eve Sunset Dinner Cruise with Cinnamon Cruises.

Christmas Eve 2014 Hoi An Vietnam Cinnamon Cruises

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See What’s Scooting Around Hanoi Vietnam

After spending 23 nights in Laos it was time to move on to Vietnam.  Since we were in Northern Laos, it only made sense to hop on over to Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, and take a month to work our way south.  We had the option of the 26-hour bus ride over the mountains from Vientiane Laos to Hanoi Vietnam, or for $75 each we could take the 1-hour flight.  No need to do the math or make any justifications on this one.  Vietnam Airlines, here we come!

What is Scooting Around Hanoi Vietnam, On many street corners you will fine people with a scooter for hire (taxi, delivery, messenger). Photo essay - see what's scooting around Hanoi, Vietnam. Read more on

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