3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries – Can It Be Done?

Yep, call us crazy.  We are going to attempt to cover 3 countries in 3 months with my 72 year-old mother (Gma Bev) backpacking along with us.  We are currently in Laos and plan to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia too.  That is the plan, but we will see where the wind really blows us and for how long.

Wagoners Abroad Adventure333

Flashback to 2014:

She wanted to visit us and since we’re on the go, she needs to be as well.   She arrived in Chiang Mai, just in time for the Loi Krathong festivities and is now in Laos with us.  We’ve decided to call this Adventure333.

Gma Bev purchased a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai and will continue to travel with us as long as she wants.  There may be other factors at play as well, we may decide to boot her out or she may go running to get away from us.  We have spent the past couple of weeks, getting our travel styles in sync, at least we have attempted to do so.  She is responsible for her own luggage, so hopefully souvenir shopping will be at a minimum.

Alan and Gma Bev have a unique relationship and love to torment each other.  So, you may see some of that banter going on in the blog or social media.  Don’t be alarmed, they love each other!

Gma Bev On the Mekong

A little about my mom (Gma Bev), she is adventurous, independent, intelligent and a little spacey too.  Her first night with us in Chiang Mai, 20 minutes into the crowds at the Loi Krathong celebration and she was lost.  Of course she claims the 4 of us got lost, as she knew where she was.  So as you can tell, this will be an interesting journey.  Gma Bev likes to chat with strangers, touch everything from the telephone pole to the items in shops.  She is easily absorbed into something that catches her attention, thus easily lost or left behind.

We just make sure she knows where “home” is and if we get lost, we know she will find her way home.  We no longer look for her or try to figure out how to meet up.  She is on her own and we sometimes bump into her around town.  We thought you should officially meet her, as she will be part of our adventures over the next few months.

I am not sure what the next few months will be like, but I bet we have several good stories to share with you.

Have you traveled with 3 generations before?  If so, share your stories with us below in the comments.

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Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia

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