How to Save Money! – Tip # 5 “Brand Names”

How to Save Money! – Tip# 5 “Brand Names”

So, you have a dream of living life abroad or of taking more vacations, but saving money is holding you back.  Not to worry, we have many money-saving tips that will help that vacation/travel fund grow.  You do have to do a bit of work and show some self-control, but all of these tips help so much.  It is amazing how a little bit here and there can really add up to some $$$ Fat Stacks Yo!

I grew up as the 4th child in a family of 6 kids and that usually meant no brand names!  Being number 4 wasn’t half-bad for me.  My older siblings would garner much of the attention (getting in trouble), and my younger siblings needed more care and assistance.  At times I felt like I was just an observer of the family dynamic and I would typically just “go with the flow”.  

Anyway all of this to say, that it was cool to be a middle child.  I could learn from my older siblings mistakes and choices.  In addition, I could mentor, mold, and hopefully positively influence my younger siblings.  Yes, it is strange, but this is how I thought as a child.  I think I am an odd one, but no complaints from me.  One major lesson in our large family was that Brand Names just weren’t a priority and most of the time not even a possibility.  We learned at a young age that you get more for your money if you buy the generic brand (non-brand name product) or irregular sized clothing.

How to Save Money! –Tip # 5 “Limit Brand Named Products”

If you want to save some money, this is a quick and easy way to do it for most things.


Brand Names -We won't settle for generic

Buy the store brand name products (generic) rather than the big brand names.  Many times the store brand products taste just as good or sometimes better than the name brand products.  When it came to canned veggies, fruit, cereal, chips, crackers, juice, aspirin, snacks and things like that, the generic brand worked well for me.  Just so you know, it wasn’t always generic.  I am very loyal to Hellman’s Mayonnaise (Best Foods), Heinz Ketchup, Red Vines, Dr. Pepper (oh I miss that!) and a few more.  For these few select name brands I would prefer to go without than to have an alternative.

I must say, we have had to make a few compromises with this living in Spain.  It will be interesting to see how we like those brand names we missed so much in Spain, once we return to the U.S.  We may miss the Spain brands, but who knows when we will return.

If you must have that brand name product, then look for money-saving coupons.  Coupons are typically for brand name products, so take the time to find those you need and keep them on hand.  Look in your Sunday paper, store ads and many times you can even print up from an online source.  I know Target has their weekly ad online and they have a coupon section for you to clip and print your coupon.  A little here and there really adds up at the check out, you will be amazed over time with how much you save.


This is a tough one for many, but not so much for me.  If you must have certain brands, then go to stores that sell the irregular sizes or overstock (for example: TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshalls).  They do carry some brand names at quite the discount.  That said, you often have limited sizes and variety, but it works.  Really think about it before making that purchase and decide why you need to have that particular brand.

Another tip to consider when shopping for apparel, never pay full price!  The stores markup the items so much, if you can wait until it is on sale you will save loads.  Some apparel stores have loyalty programs and coupons (Kohl’s), so take advantage of those too.  Of course there are times when a particular brand shoe may last longer and be made better, and it makes good sense to make the purchase.  I just don’t believe in buying brand names for the sake of the name.  You can look good with a non-brand name clothing item or accessory, so just get over it already!

Photo Credit – Hellman’s®, Heinz®, Dr Pepper® & Red Vines®

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 Your homework:  Come back and let us know your progress in the comments

  1. Change your ways and convert your purchase of 2 brand names into store brand or generic.  
  2. Use at least 2 coupons this week
  3. Provide an example of how you saved money on apparel or better yet, you didn’t make a purchase at all!

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