Wanna Help?

Wanna Help?Many of you have contacted us and mentioned you wish you could buy us a pizza or something like that.  Well now there is a way.  We are loving our life abroad and are looking at ways to build a supplemental income.  If we achieve this goal, we will be able to extend our travels or enjoy more side excursions.

How can you Help?

  1. Share our Blog, Facebook Page or YouTube Channel with others. Help us build our audience and inspire others to get out and travel.
  2. Use our affiliate links to purchase goods or accommodations and we will get a small % of the sale.  We will only choose affiliates that we personally believe in.
  3. Donate directly to us.
    1. $10 will buy us a pizza.
    2. $20 will buy us a Chinese dinner.
    3. $50 would be a trip to Malaga or Granada
    4. $100 would cover a 2 hr white water rafting trip for the 4 of us.
    5. Anything more would go into the travel, excursion or activity fund.


4 thoughts on “Wanna Help?

  1. As my wife and I are preparing for our move to Spain, it is hard to say goodbye and leave friends, family, in our case our grown daughter and everything else. Perhaps you can share an article on how you dealt with any homesickness you might have experienced or even pre-homesickness.

    How much did you put in storage vs sold. Did you buy one-way tickers? How often do you travel to the US, how often do you Skype, how many friends have visited, etc. What is your best budget travel tips to and from the US? Which airport is best, rent with or without furniture, buy vs rent, etc etc, So many questions.

    We live in the Seattle, WA area, so a trip to Spain is at least a 16 hour undertaking, sometimes a lot more due to layovers. Not easy to just “hop over”.



    • Oh we have covered all of that, but I am sure it is tough to navigate. From our home page, click on the photo “Move to Spain“, this should take you to much of the info you are seeking. Alternatively, you can use the drop down menu on the right sidebar where it says “search by date”. Go back to August 2012 and then move your way forward. 🙂 I hope that helps.

      Where do you plan to move in Spain?

      Also we do offer consulting and often are hired to answer the very questions you have above. It is sometimes easiest to have a converstion rather than reading old posts, it is offered as part of our consulting. Thanks!

  2. Hello Wagoners. Your information is very, very helpful. Perhaps a small suggestion to keep readers up to date. Sometimes it’s hard to see what is the latest info or update. Perhaps a page with links to the latest?

    Keep up the good work!

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