So, you have the dream of doing something similar to us and possibly move to Spain!

If you like to figure it out on your own, we also offer many eBooks to help you with your move to Spain.  We have a complete guide to obtaining  residency in Spain, a detailed guide to the non-lucrative visa, a driving in Spain guide, Getting settled in Spain, as well reviewing options for Education in Spain.

Our eBooks help guide you through the various stages of the move to Spain, from planning and visa application to preparing for the move and arrival.

  • Live in Spain – Our eBook detailing all of the requirements and steps to obtain the non lucrative visa, including a checklist and for the moment we also offer a free 15 min phone call with the book purchase. More details here
  • Getting Settled in Spain – This eBook specifically covers information for you.  It includes information for anyone to prepare for the move, and helping you with tips once you arrive. Including additional paperwork and so on.  We have referrals for shipping your items, credit card and banking tips and more.  There is a chapter which covers the specifics for obtaining residency with an EU and Non- EU couple/family.  If you wanted more personal assistance with it (making appointments and so on, we can help with our Costa Tropical Services)
  • Cost of living in Spain – how to budget and estimate the cost of living.  Over 100 pages of  budgeting exercises, money saving tips and tools to estimate the cost of living.

You may view all of the Wagoners Abroad eBooks offered here.



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