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Summer 2013 European Road Trip

Kids InterviewsGet Lost In Spain - Costa Tropical




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  1. Thank you for your response, we are very excited about our trip. We spent last summer travelling around most of Spain getting our feet wet. As of today we haven’t decided where we will land although we thoroughly enjoyed Granada . We are from Sarasota Florida and have the beach year-round and the kids have said that it is not that important since hills and steps are rare that is what they desire . I am not working while we escape the rat race and plan on learning the guitar as well as the language during trip. We are undecided about sending the kids to formal schooling since we would like the freedom to explore more of Spain and Europe while we are there. I just purchased your book on the Visa Process and I am looking forward to reading it, The internet comprises of mostly dead -ends and conflicting views. Enjoy your day

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for purchasing our book! We absolutely love Spain, and we’re excited when other families want to make the move. Getting out of the rat race is a huge benefit as well. We DON’T miss that at all! Let me know if you have any questions.

      Good luck!

      • Heidi and Alan, I had posted a while back that my family and I where coming to Spain and we did.We have decided to stay in Madrid and are in the process of enrolling our children in school, we were going to home school but they are asking to go,Wooww. There is one thing That might be helpful to others regarding the apradronimiento that is required in the first thirty days.Our consulate sent our visa application to Girona province since we were arriving there first ,although for only two weeks.We were going to the Costa Brava for some sunn fun prior to heading north. In our research every town has different requirements for the apradronimiento. This is by far the hardest to acquire. We needed a copy of our landlords resident card and our original children’s birth certificates, which we did not have. Landlord was on Ibiza and wasn’t checking e-mail. The consulate in Miami does not tell people about about this most important step in Acquiring the resident card. I think it would be a great service to your followers to inform them to check specifically what there chosen town requires and that you need a lease which we did not have within the first 30 days after arriving.

          • Heidi and Alan, We have been in Spain since July of 2014 and settled in Madrid. In My past post I mentioned our difficultly in getting the apadriomento, I know I am spelling it wrong. We were able to get it and everything has been great. I know you applied to stay an additional year. Do have any info on that process because we are thinking of remaining here as well. Our children have thrived and have not mentioned america at all to our surprise. Any info would help. I see you are currently in the far east. Hope you are enjoying the new culture Thank you John Damico

  2. Just found your Blog on YouTube and have enjoyed looking at what we will experience in 2014. My wife, son of 7 years and daughter 9 plan on spending a year in Spain, while also traveling to different parts of Europe. I will be contacting you guys soon about obtaining a Visa since most surfing has just confused. Para vivir la vida al maximo

    • Hey John, it is nice to know someone is watching those videos! 🙂 Thanks for contacting us. How exciting for you.

      Have you decided what part of Spain you prefer? Will you be working or taking a year off? Where are you moving from?
      I love to hear when other people are taking the leap.

      Oh you will love it! Please do contact us with any questions you have and we will do our best to answer. Alan also wrote an ebook on tips and tricks to navigate that non lucrative visa process. and we have a few posts on our blog as well. We know it is difficult to find an info on the web, they don’t make it easy.

  3. don’t know if anyone has mentioned…..but i find it extremely difficult just to leave a little message! just wanted to say i really, really enjoyed the april 2013 video….you are all getting so much better at it! the bloopers were an especially nice ending.

    • Thanks. Leave as many and as long of a comment that you like. This entire process in constantly evolving, so hopefully improving along the way. Glad you liked the bloopers.

  4. that was so much fun to watch! loved the beginning….you could certainly tell which one was anya (toothless)! the street interviews were great as were anya’s informative segments…..good job, heidi and alan, as usual!

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