Portugal – Technology Deprivation

Missing Technology in Portugal

I know, it is odd that I am the one doing the Technology post rather than Alan.  I don’t claim to be as techie as him, but I got a little going on.  As you know we set out for Portugal on Halloween.  Of course, we didn’t just hop in the car and head out. No, there was loads of research and planning prior to our departure, by little old me. You see, the family depends on me doing my research and planning.
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Halloween in Portugal

Kids off school = Road Trip!  
This time we opted for nearby Portugal.

November 1 is “All Saints Day” (Holiday) in Spain, so the kids were off school for 2 days.   We asked around our town and found out that not much happens for Halloween. There were just a couple of little cafes or bars planning to have a party. So the kids were okay with leaving town.

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