Two big ticket items are crossed off of the To Do List (Spanish Visa + Flights)

 Spanish Visa has been approvedThis is feeling very “real” now!  Things are just plugging away as if it was meant to be. We will have to tell you about all of the “coincidences” or “perfect timing” that we have encountered on this journey thus far, including our Spanish Visa.

  1. Our Non-Lucrative Spanish Visa was Approved!
    Yep, that is right the Spanish Resident Visa Baby!
  2. Flights!
    We took the advice we received on this blog, from Alan’s friend “Paul”, and just booked our flights!  We now have an official date and are going to work towards it.   August 25th we will stay on the Plane to Spain hopefully with no Rain. We added a little countdown on the sidebar to make it fun.  Once I added the countdown and it read 39 days, I let out a gasp all alone at home. That is just a little over a month. August 25 sounds so far away, but heck July is flying by. So much to do and so little time!

For several months we have wished to attend as many festivals and celebrations as we could in Spain. But for Alan the Mac Daddy is La Tomatina.  About 5 months ago, he said “Wouldn’t it be cool to go to that?”  Now with the perfect timing of our visa approval we can make one of the festivals we have been hoping to experience, La Tomatina.  It is located in a different region from where we want to live, but heck we have free time!

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4 thoughts on “Two big ticket items are crossed off of the To Do List (Spanish Visa + Flights)

    • Thanks Juan. I owe you a big thank you for being an inspiration! You have been a great friend and sounding board over the years. You need to be in control of your dreams and make them happen.

  1. Didn’t Alan’s parents teach him not to play with his food?

    Since the statute of limitations has run out, I can relate this story — When I was in the Webelos, we went on an overnight camping trip near the Everglades in Florida (I lived in Miami at the time.) There was a tomato farm about a half-mile hike through the woods from the campsige. Some of us got “lost” and had our own tomato fight using fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes. One moral from this story — avoid being hit by green tomatoes.


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