Meet the Appliances! They Are Different In Spain

We are getting used to the new lifestyle little by little.  Our place is fully furnished and has an incredible view, but the appliances are wonderful!  So much so, that I thought you should meet them.

The Dishwasher

Our Dishwasher is a bit of an older model, but the scrubbing power is the best ever! It can wash, scrub and dry. It even get’s in all the nooks and crannies and won’t settle for anything less than sparkling clean.

The Clothes Dryer

The Clothes Dryer is a bit new and we need to run it a few times until it is working smooth as silk. It is very user-friendly and even folds the clothes! What more could you ask for?

The Garbage Disposal

Ah, the ever so coveted Garbage Disposal.  What can we say about this? If there is food that needs to be eaten, it is gone! The food is carefully captured off of plates and even sometimes right out of the fridge.

The Vacuum

The Vacuum is really more of a Hoover All Terrain Vac model. It can sweep, mop and dry. The tough spots come right up and it doesn’t like any debris on the floor, so runs often.

So now that you have met all of our appliances, do check back to see if they are all still working in a few months. I have to say, that this is what makes it all worth while!

This makes it all worth it!


UPDATE:  Spring 2014 – See how well these appliances are holding up.

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5 thoughts on “Meet the Appliances! They Are Different In Spain

  1. Hi Alan and Heidi and kiddies,
    Love your appliances! I wish ours worked as well.

    You guys are our heroes. You really know how to make dreams happen. Lots of good wishes and love to all of you. Hope you have better luck learning Spanish than Marie has had learning French.

  2. Ah, another “middle of the night good ideas” person. I finally have put a notepad next to my bed, so I can just write things without getting out of bed. Of course, sometimes I’ll wake up in the AM and have trouble figuring out what I meant (when I have “short-handed” the note a little too much).
    Love you!

  3. Hysterical, one of the funniest blogs yet! Makes one kind of think that we’d all be better off getting back to the “basics”… Nah, at my stage in life, I need all the electronic helpers I can get. I’ll keep living vicariously through the Wagoners’ blog. Actually, when I was having my kids (50+ years ago), that was exactly how we lived as I didn’t have any of those appliances either.

    • Thanks Judy. I thought of this the other night around 2am. For some reason I woke up full of blog titles and ideas at 2am. I had to run to the computer and jot them down, so I wouldn’t forget. Funny how the mind works. It actually isn’t that bad living without all of those things, but I do prefer to have them.

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