Kitchens Are Made To Bring Families Together


Wow, how does time fly by so fast.  We have been on the go for so long, we finally just had a very low profile weekend at home. The weather was perfect and we had plenty of chill time. We kicked off the weekend with drinks and tapas with some British friends from our Spanish class. The goal was for us to speak in Spanish with each other. That lasted all of 2 minutes and instead it was a fun get to know you evening.The kids of course came along, because we don’t know of a baby sitter. Not to mention that kids are so adored here, they are welcome at all of the bars etc.  So, after 2 1/2 hrs of good conversation, we walked the 1 block back home. Lars was so pumped up asking; “Is this what adults do?” I said “Yes”.  He said “I love it! That was so much fun! can we do it again?”.  That just made me smile.

Now Is The Time

The kids are still at age where they actually like to hang out with us. That is one of the main reasons that NOW was the ideal time for us to take this adventure. We have always been a close family, but I never dreamed that we would be so much closer. With Alan and I not working, we have so much quality time with the kids.

Speaking of Not Working, I am loving it! I haven’t had a dull moment and the days fly by so fast. I had a brief moment of angst today, realizing we have been gone for 2 1/2 months and this won’t last forever. Oh, if we could figure out a way to make an income and be location independent!  Okay back to the quality time..

Back to the Basics

You see when planning this adventure, I didn’t plan on life going back to the basics. I didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have choices of items in the grocery stores. That we would have to make many things from scratch. I didn’t know there was going to be so much “work” involved. At first, I fought the making things from scratch, but menu options are pretty plain and limited. I mean how many salads and sautéed chicken meals can we eat?

The past month or so, we have been more creative in the kitchen. The kids are going crazy looking up recipes on-line and asking if we can try them. We have made homemade chicken fingers, biscuits, crepes, chicken veggie soup, red soup, vanilla syrup and much more. We really miss bagels too, so the kids found a few recipes we will try out.

 I am a Scuba Diver!

We are obviously in the land of seafood and I am not much of a seafood eater or chef. Thus, the family has missed out on eating such things. We go to the market often and there is fresh seafood galore out on display. The kids are always asking to buy some, but I have no clue what it is or how to prepare. I am a Scuba Diver! I like to look at the pretty fish swimming, not eat them! Well, we will soon give it a try as that is why we are here. To experience things and soak up life.

The Bonus

The extra bonus that we are getting from all of this cooking is some seriously good quality family time.  You know the quote, “Kitchens Are Made To Bring Families Together. Well it is true with a family that was already close.  Alan and Lars were in the kitchen for over an hour making the infamous “Red Soup”, and I could hear Alan telling Lars loads of family stories, traditions and memories. It is great that we have this time to share with our kids, while we all enjoyed the new kitchen décor of our home.

I was thinking, that we could have experienced this back in the USA too. Before kids, I loved cooking all day. Then our lives just became busier. “We didn’t have time”.  We would work all day, rush to make a quick dinner and off to some activity. We didn’t make it a priority, that is the reality. So far this trip has paid off in ways we couldn’t imagine. I so look forward to the rest of our journey.

If you have any good seafood or fish recipes, please share so we can cook ’em with the kids.

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8 thoughts on “Kitchens Are Made To Bring Families Together

  1. Hi Heidi! One of my favourite (I don’t have to cook!) meals here in Malaga is the famous fried fish, you can get it everywhere and all year round, but summer tourists don’t usually know where to get it outside of tourist season. But it IS available all year round if you know where to go. Send me a message if you feel like coming over and trying it out, and maybe we can go together.

    I’m trying to earn some money by working online. I could just go out and look for a job, but that isn’t what I want anymore. If there is something you are really an expert at, you could make a living from that online, unfortunately I am not an expert at anything. When I need money fast I usually go out and give a few private English classes, I don’t enjoy it, but it’s useful for getting out of a bind. Hope that’s helpful.

    • Oh, I will have to find the fish! LOL Thanks for the working remote comment. Yes, we will see what we can figure out. We are probably good for the next year, but if we can supplement here and then it can last longer. Or the dream of full time travel! 🙂 we will ping you if we go your way. I think this weekend, we may explore the mountains a bit.

  2. I am into easy. How ’bout poaching fish (or shrimp)? I don’t even have a recipe. I just heat my favorite salsa verde in a frying pan until it’s starts to bubble slight. Add the fish , cover, and poach ’til done. I usually flip it once or twice. Any salsa or sauce that is slightly watery will work. While the fish cooks, the sauce gets thicker and can be used over the fish or rice.

    • Ooh that sounds good. We will try that. Salsa is hard to come by here, so we are making our own. 🙂 Thanks! Shrimp we have down to a science, it is just the fish that we are novice with! Alan made Langoustine the other day. I love it, ’cause he and the kids are cooking more. I get a Break!

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