How Long Do Appliances Last In Spain?

I have noticed that many things we use and or purchase in Spain just don’t last as long; it could be that we are buying on the cheap or the quality just isn’t the same.

Take shoes for example, we have to buy Lars and Anya shoes every 2-3 months.  Now this isn’t because their feet are growing so fast. No, it’s because they wear through their shoes like there is no tomorrow.  I am talking holes in the toes or on the sole of their shoe.  I am not sure if it is the quality of the shoe that is the problem, or are the kids just far more active than they were in the US?  Perhaps it is a combo of both, but this trend of things wearing out spans to other areas for us as well, like our Spanish appliances.


Now that we have been in Spain for just over 20 months, I thought it would be a great time to let you know how all of our appliances are holding up.  As with any appliance, over time they just start to slow down, wear out, break or need repairs.  If you are planning a move to Spain, I think this information is invaluable when selecting your home.  If you plan on using appliances like ours, perhaps you can glean a little info to help with your decision.

Just take a moment and refresh yourselves with the introduction to our appliances in the Fall of 2012.  I have to say these were top of the line appliances and no amount of money could buy a higher quality.

How are the appliances working now?

How long to Spanish Appliances last?  Here is how they are doing now.
The appliances not in use or not wanting to be used Spring 2014.

Well, let’s just say they aren’t functioning as they did when they were brand new.  Let’s do a current review of each appliance.

The Dishwasher

The original dishwasher, while it still looks adorable, only works about 60% of the time.  It likes to be completely full before kicking into full scrubbing cycle.  This dishwasher functions best when the dishes are piled high in the sink, extending down the counter, and over the stove.

Original Dishwasher Fall 2012
Anya Dishes
Supplemental Dishwasher Spring 2014

Some new budding dishwashers have shown interest and quickly fizzled with their washing power.




Quite often “the stand by” and oldest dishwasher model tends to kick in often.  I think that is because this dishwasher, has a much lower tolerance for how many dishes should pile up before beginning the cycle.  This model doesn’t like to wait until there are not clean dishes to choose from, so this one tends to work often.

The old stand by dishwasher in Spain Spring 2014
The old stand by dishwasher in Spain Spring 2014


The Clothes Dryer

The original clothes dryer went Kaput! within the first two months.  If you are thinking of this model of clothes dryer, I would really think twice.  That said, if you just want to have it as a spare for the occasional back up, it is perfect for that use.  On rare occasions it get’s a burst of energy and just works all on its own, but not often.

Clothes Dryer
Original Clothes Dryer Fall 2012

Once again “the old standby” kicks in and works quit often.  This is partly because of the phenomenal sea view obtained while drying and folding the clothes.  It is almost not even a chore!  I must say the original dishwasher also kicks in and helps as a clothes dryer too.

Spanish Appliances Clothes Dryer Spring 2014
Spanish Appliances Clothes Dryer Spring 2014

The Garbage Disposal

Ah the garbage disposal!  This is one appliance that keeps working no matter what! This is the tried-and-true model to get for a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal
Original Garbage Disposal Fall 2012

I have to say, I think it works better now than it did 20 months ago.  Not only does it work all of the time,  it has helper garbage disposal that work just as well.  Let’s just say food waste is no problem in this household.

Spanish Appliances Garbage Disposal Spring 2014
Spanish Appliances Garbage Disposal Spring 2014

Our original garbage disposal, was also our trash compactor.  It is still working as a trash compactor too.

Trash Compactor
Original Trash Compactor Fall 2012

We have upgraded the size of the container, so it doesn’t need to run daily.  It does require a little kick or “Pah Pow” now and again to get started, but it has worked fairly consistently for the past 20 months and for that we are thrilled!

Spanish Appliances Trash Compactor Spring 2014
Spanish Appliances Trash Compactor Spring 2014

The Vacuum

Without a doubt, this is one appliance that has been working steadily the entire 20 months in Spain.  Of course I am a bit biased and empathetic for this model, so I have nothing bad to say.  If you recall it isn’t just a vacuum, it is a Hoover All Terrain and covers all kinds of tasks.

Hoover All Terrain Fall 2012
Hoover All Terrain Fall 2012

Okay let’t be honest, sometimes this appliance does cause a bit of a fuss.  It can get on a rampage and turn into the Tasmanian Devil.  It has the unique capability of becoming another appliance and isn’t too pleased when it becomes all appliances.  It is also comes with a megaphone feature and is capable of screaming and yelling the other appliances, in the “I’m going to kill you voice” that the others have grown to love. (Ha!)

Spanish Appliances The Vacuum Spring 2014
Spanish Appliances The Vacuum Spring 2014

Well there you have it.  After 20 months some appliances are still working as designed and others are, well they just are.  I really don’t have one complaint, but I must confess I am looking forward to eating out more often in Southeast Asia next year!

Thanks for reading and have a laugh with us!  What do you think about our appliances?

Come on and tell us what you think!

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