Look Who Turned 11 Years Old In Spain – Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday in SpainHappy Birthday Lars!

Now the entire Wagoner Family has celebrated a “Happy Birthday” while living in Spain. Now that he is 11, he isn’t a little kid.  It was a school day for Lars, so we celebrated after school was out at 2pm.  He requested Teriyaki Steak for Lunch along with a American Cake.  Luckily we have some cake mix and frosting from the U.S., so he was a happy camper.  The pièce de résistance was his gift.  Alan is taking him with VIP passes to a professional Fútbol Game this weekend!

The fun is all in giving the gift.

It is Wagoner Family tradition to give gifts of “experience” rather than focus on material items.  In addition we like to have fun with it and give the gifts in a unique way.  We figured Lars is getting older, so the old scavenger hunt to the gift wasn’t going to be as exciting.  Time to step it up a notch and make it a little bit more challenging. Alan created a paper with the logos from the Fútbol teams playing (photo below).  He then cut up the paper into puzzle pieces.  It was up to Lars to put the puzzle together and figure out his gift.  Lars is a Real Madrid C.F. Fan, but Malaga C.F. is close to home.  You bet there will be a post on this experience!

Happy Birthday Puzzle

WOW! Do you think he was excited or what?

Lars 11 Futbol Puzzle Still going What Ooooh Yahhh Woo Hooo Complete Puzzle


Happy Birthday from the past – Birth to 10 years oldHappy Birthday Lars Birth to Ten Years

Feel free to wish Lars a Happy Birthday in the comments below!

Want to know how the game went?  Check it out!

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6 thoughts on “Look Who Turned 11 Years Old In Spain – Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Lars! Have a grrreat time at the football game! My son also had a birthday last week, he turned 13. Alas (for me! not for him) he didn’t get an American cake, sure miss those strawberry Sara Lee things with frosting. My son hates strawberry though, so he got a supermarket chocolate cake.

    • Oh Serena, you are just too sweet. Lars is a big chocolate fan as well. We had a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Alan (hubby) is a big strawberry cake fan, probably any cake now that I think about it. ha ha. Lars and Alan went to the game last night and had a blast. Alan wrote up a post today on their experience.

  2. Happy Birthday to the amazing Lars! Sounds as though you had a great time.
    With love from California.

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