Cooking Technology in Spain

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I’ve done a number of food posts (pizza, beef, ice cream) while we’ve been living here, but I have not discussed our cooking technology to date.  Well that changes with today’s post.

BBQ - Cooking Technology

We have an electric oven, and an electric stove.  This is a very common setup in Spain.  The downside to cooking with an electric stove is that everything can taste a bit fried.  One of the things we’ve greatly missed was our gas BBQ on our back deck.  There’s something to be said for the speed with which you can turn on the BBQ, cook the food, and eat; and with relatively little mess.

These last few months, Heidi and I had talked about getting a BBQ, but we had a few concerns:

  • Cost – Once again, things here in Spain generally cost more, and are of inferior quality for the same price compared to the U.S.  Even a very small charcoal grill was stupid expensive.
  • Technology – Gas vs. Charcoal.  I know a lot of purists are yelling “Always charcoal!” at the monitor right now, but gas is so convenient.  Dealing with ashes is messy, and not very fun.  Plus, on our balcony, it can get fairly windy, and I didn’t want to deal with ashes getting into the apartment.  Charcoal is much more common here in Spain.  By the way, charcoal is called “carbon” here.  (You just learned something!)
  • Size – We don’t have a lot of room on our balcony, so a 6-burner with a side burner was not really an option.

While my mom was visiting, we went to a number of stores, and were not having much luck.  A small charcoal Weber BBQ was 100 Euros!  That’s crazy.  Other BBQs looked so flimsy and cheap that I didn’t feel safe.  Wouldn’t you know that the last store we looked at had the perfect BBQ:

Gas technology…Check

Not too expensive…Check

Perfect size…Check

So my mom bought us brand new cooking technology!  Mom and Poppi bought us our first BBQ when we moved into the house in Apex, so it was very special that she bought us one here in Spain.

A few days ago, we used it for the first time, and the food was awesome!  How do I feel cooking on our new gas BBQ?  Why manly of course!

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Technology in Spain

  1. Mmmhh barbecues. I love barbecues. We used to have one, my ex took it with him, but that was perfectly fine because I never used it, I hated cleaning it haha.

    • Serena,

      We really missed not having a barbecue, so I have to thank my mom. The cleaning part isn’t too bad.

      Thanks for reading!

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