Iceland, Who Else Is Chomping At The Bit To Visit?

It seems for the past couple of years everywhere I look I see Iceland.  Other travel blogs, all over social media and I hear people talking about it.  We have seen amazing airfares published from all over the world to visit Iceland, but the timing just hasn’t worked out for us.  Now this summer, we’ve been seeing pictures from fellow traveling families and friends we know.  This leaves me wanting to visit Iceland and experience all that I am seeing even more.

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An Epic 8 week Summer Road Trip in Europe!

It’s that time of year again, summer road trip time!  This year our epic summer road trip in Europe will be for about 8 weeks and cover 5000 km (3000 miles).  Remember our 6 week summer road trip in Europe, back in 2013?  We covered Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Andorra and a bit of Spain. We had a blast and shared it all with you every step of the way.  We are going to be pushing the family harmony boundaries with this one and see if we can do 8 weeks.

Wagoners Abroad is going on a summer road trip in Europe! 8 weeks of fun with 10 cities and 2 countries. Read more on


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Connecting With Locals When You Travel

How important is connecting with locals when you travel?

As I look through our thousands of photos from the past 3 1/2 years of travel, I find it all very overwhelming.  I am amazed at how much we have been able to see, smell, touch, taste, and experience.  With each location, there has always been one thing that stands out the most to us and that is our connections with the locals.

Connecting With Locals When You Travel Chiang Mai

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Ireland Vacation – 5 Day Itinerary In The South

Who in the world would take an Ireland vacation in the winter?

We would!  We had the opportunity to house and pet-sit in Dublin, over the holiday school break, so it was a no-brainer for us.  We were going to be spending a full week in the suburbs of Dublin, but we decided to add on an extra week of fun vacation time in Southern Ireland. Yes the land of County Cork and County Kerry!
Ireland Vacation 5 day itinerary family friendly and full of fun. Read more on

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