Nearly 10 Months Living in Spain – What do the Kids Think?

Live in Spain - 10 MonthsI can’t believe it has been nearly a year since we made the move to live in Spain.  This week marks the end of the first full school year for the kids.  Education in Spain has been a bit different for us, but we have no doubt the kids have learned far more than what text books alone could teach them.  They have experienced many different things and have been exposed to many different nationalities and languages, attending their Spanish public school.  

One of our original goals was to immerse the kids in the culture, so they could pick up the language.  As you will see it is almost second nature for them now.  Anya mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she doesn’t need to translate in her head anymore.  She just knows what people are saying and can respond without hesitation.

As far as us adults, well let’s just say we are still working on it.  I will fess up that learning the language has not been our #1 priority as we have been building our blog and making loads of travel plans and entertaining guests.  We have made great progress, but the kids have blossomed!  We have been very pleased with the results and would like you to watch the kids interviews.

(Hear their Spanish:  Anya video minute 1:48 and Lars video minute 2:08)

If you have any questions for them, just ask and they will respond to you.
(In Spanish or English– your choice)

Live in Spain, if you can!  We love it!

One thought on “Nearly 10 Months Living in Spain – What do the Kids Think?

  1. Hello!
    My friend and I are 22 yr old Americans from Seattle trying to go to spain for at least a year. We were offered au pair positions from 2 different host families, and were wondering if you have any tips on getting into spain for a year, ie which visa is best and what not. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Kayleigh gibson

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