Where’s The Target?

Yes, I do mean “The Target” Store!  Oh how I miss Target, with one stop shopping for just about everything. Recently we had been on the hunt for a few standard items that have proven to be quite the challenge here in our little village of Almuñécar.

The Elves and the Cobbler

We are heading to Paris for Christmas!  Anya and I were both in need of nice shoes. We only brought a couple of pairs of sandals and one pair of tennis shoes each. We needed something nice to wear in Paris for Christmas Eve dinner out, so the hunt began. For Anya I was attempting to be practical and find something that is dressy, yet could be worn to school or around town. We started at one of the main shoe stores in Old Town and they only carry shoes for adults. They directed us to a children’s shoe store in the maze of Old Town.

Finding a little store in the pedestrian only zone? YIKES. At least I understood all of the directions in Spanish. Off we went to see if I could do it.  A right, A left, straight up and it will be on the left. Ta Da! There it was!  The cutest shoe store I have ever seen. It looked just like something out of a fable with the little shoe cobbler and elves. Anya’s eyes lit up when we entered as there was a display of Flamenco shoes. Yep, we bought Flamenco shoes!  I figured it would kill 2 different birds; dress up and her desire to learn Flamenco.

The quest for my shoes hasn’t proven to be as easy. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of stores and shoes to choose from. I am just not willing to “go there”… “Where?” you ask. I mean, I am not going to buy into the high heels thing that every local woman does. I refuse, I must have Comfy shoes!  I will keep looking.

Where Are The Long John’s?

As you know we are on the Mediterranean Coast of Southern Spain. We have very mild winters or so we have been told. For the most part, this has been true. But more than occasionally we have had some days that have been dark and damp with ferocious winds off of the sea. On these very days, it is bone chilling even though the temp may read 10° Celsius (that’s 50° for you metrically challenged) or so. Lars has been begging for some Long John’s (Thermals) and I can’t find them anywhere!  We have looked absolutely everywhere in AlmuñécarA friend suggested we look at the sporting goods store in Motril as they carry ski clothing. Nope none that we can find.  I bet they are somewhere and we just aren’t looking in the right place. If anyone has a clue, please advise.

1/4 Teaspoon Please (ml, grams?)

We are cooking often because the kids just can’t get enough of it. They love making anything they can find on-line (within reason). There isn’t much ready-made or partially made here so, most things are from scratch. Lars found a recipe for soft pretzels and he and Alan were in the kitchen raring to go. The gathered all of the supplies, including our measuring cup, and realized this recipe uses the fractional “spoon” measures. Uh oh! We do our best to convert US to Metric, but it can be a challenge at times. We only have regular old spoons at our place.

No biggie, they were off to the store to quickly pick up some measuring spoons and return to make their twisted art. About an hour and 5 stores later, they returned empty-handed. A few days later we went to the “big store” in Motril and came up empty-handed as well.  Still no measuring spoons, but the pretzels did manage to be made with some guesswork. We still aren’t sure if measuring spoons exist over here, as many merchants had no clue what we were speaking of.

I know exactly where I would find all of these items at ANY Target!  People wonder what we do with our free time. I laugh as everything takes 10 times longer, but we are loving it. The experiences are great and the kids love creating and going on the hunt for items.

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6 thoughts on “Where’s The Target?

  1. Hi! There is a very large store, I guess you could call it the equivalent to a Wal-Mart or something, in Motril called Alcampo. It’s a very large store where you can find a lot of things. You can get lots of really neat clothes, like long johns and comfy shoes, at a large sports store called Decathlon. I don’t know if you have one close to you though. I shop there a lot.

    Oh wow Paris for Christmas! That sounds so luxurious! I’m a hot-weather fiend, and I couldn’t help but look up the weather for Paris right now (not because you’re going there, for another reason) and I saw that they were below freezing! I don’t think I’ve felt below freezing temps for the past 6 years (since we moved here) and I don’t know how in the world I’d ever manage to adapt to that kind of weather again!

    The sunshine and warm breezes here sure are addictive!

    • Hey Serena. Yes we do have the Al Campo in Motril and that is usually a safe bet, but not always. still can’t find the long johns, but they did have measuring spoons yesterday! Yes it will be cold in Paris. Not sure we have the proper clothing with us, but we will just get through it and bundle up in layers. The Holiday lights are supposed to be beautiful, so we will enjoy. It looks like it won’t be too bad during the day, so fingers crossed it isn’t wet or windy.

  2. Get to Linda fast. I’m sure she’ll just pack another suitcase. Enjoy!!!!!
    Merry Christmas. Je suis tres Jealous…………

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