We are officially an unemployed household

UnemployedAs of last Friday, both Alan and I are intentionally unemployed!  Everyone’s worst thought or nightmare and we did it to ourselves. 

What are we thinking?!  Not a day goes by that we don’t ask ourselves that very question and each time we have the same answer “Living the Dream”.  YIPPEEE! We officially have no paychecks coming in, so time to live on a strict budget. Of course we are always willing to accept donations and gift.  If you want to send some $ our way, just let us know. LOL

We did the same thing moving to North Carolina, just left our jobs and headed East.  No matter if it is the first time or you’ve done it before. There is a weird feeling knowing the paychecks won’t magically appear in our bank account each month. We seem to be mentally okay with it all for now, but I am sure that is because we are a little distracted with the final closure of our life in NC.

What was the first agenda item to cover as unemployed people? We headed straight for the beach, taking in a few days of  rest and relaxation (boogie boarding). A well needed break from planning and moving. We let the phones go dead and didn’t bring computers with us. A complete technology shut down, other than keeping a close eye on the TV watching the Olympics in the evening.


The first month in our budget is a higher cost month, as we will be renting a car, eating out  and staying places short-term. All of which are far more expensive. It is going to be tough to see that bigger hit to the budget, but at least we planned for it that way. I know you are curious about how much all of this is going to cost. Perhaps we will keep a log of our expenditures along the way and share some info with you in a couple of months.

Thanks for following along with our adventure and feel free to comment anytime.


4 thoughts on “We are officially an unemployed household

  1. Hi,
    Impressed by you all … Well done! Questions for you … Are you still unemployed? If so, how are you surviving? Will your home always be in Almunecar? Are you renting or have you purchased a property? I am asking these questions as having taken redundancy and subsequently been unemployed (now working) for 16 months and loving it, I am thinking about renting out my London home and doing exactly what you have done. I suppose I want to know the reality.
    Kind regards,

    • Michele, Let’s talk! We are still unemployed (technically). We will be writing up a bit about what we do and how we stretch our money in the coming month or so. We are a family of 4 easily living off of $3000 a month (including travel). We rented long term in Spain for 2 years and as of July 2014, toured a few weeks in Europe and then hopped on over to Southeast Asia. We are moving around SEA for the next year and are currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand until November. We will then backpack a couple of months through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia then return to Southern Thailand and Malaysia. Perhaps stay there a few months too. We plan to return to Spain Summer 2015, but we will see where the wind blows us.

      It is amazing how little you really need, when you detach from all of the “stuff” and “things” that anchor you. There are many people that rent their home and use that income to completely or partially fund their travel.

      Sometimes life presents opportunity to think outside the box, the “traditional way of thinking”, to release our identity and become what we can. Let go of the “I must have a 9-5 M-F job, a car, a mortgage and bills, to be stable, respected and of value”.

      The reality? Why didn’t we do this sooner? That is the reality. We planed 18 months or so and now we are open ended travelers. we are going to keep going until we don’t want to or we don’t have the funds. Life is fulfilling, rich with experience and all ours!

  2. I’m so excited for you and a little jealous as the gypsy in me has always wanted to shove off like you’re doing. I know you’ll have great times and probably some hassles. Just keep smiling and you’ll get through it all. I’ll keep you in my prayers…
    Vaya con Dios! Kathy Lewis

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