Do You Want Those Great Travel Deals?

We have done a fair amount of travel as individuals, a couple, and as a family. Based on the other traveling families we know, I would say we’re probably in the “middle of the pack” when it comes to our spending habits and when it comes to arranging travel. We are not a “travel on a shoestring” budget type of family, nor do we go first class. I wouldn’t mind being one of the latter, but that’s just not how we roll. By now, I’m sure you’re aware that Heidi loves a good great bargain.  As you can see from our actual spend with 1 year living in Spain, I think we have done a great job.

Getting a Good Deal for Your Money

So how do you get great value for your travel dollar? I’m not going to reveal all of Heidi’s patent pending secrets, but there is a lot of planning involved. That planning starts weeks, and even months in advance of your travel date.  I think Heidi is working on a post to share some of her tips and tricks.

Checking faires early and often is the best way to get a great deal. Most travel bookings, be it plane, train, or automobile, have cyclical pricing. During the high-season, the price goes up, and during the low-season, prices go down. But even though your travel plans may include a holiday during high-season, scoping out the prices 3-6 months prior to departure can net you a fantastic deal.

If you are flexible with your departure dates or location, that can also help lower the overall cost of travel. Flying out of a smaller airport can net serious savings, if you’re willing to do so.  There are quite a few small airports that handle regional travel and can get you to your holiday destination.  Arranging the travel during the middle of the week is another excellent way to save those coppers. Another benefit is that there are typically fewer people traveling mid-week as well.  That is how we scored a great deal for the 4 of us to fly from Seville, Spain to Marrakech, Morocco.
Riad Dar Limoun Amara Marrakech Morocco

A Different Way to Handle Your Travel

If you’re up for trying something a bit different, you can try a house sit.  This has the benefit of not needing to worry about hotel or motel accommodations.  There are always people wanting to travel, but can’t take their pets.  Those pets need to be looked after, and that’s where you come in.  A small investment of your time is usually all that’s required, plus you’ll have the comforts of someone’s home.

When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

So when it comes time to schedule your vacations, and you’re not the patient type or if you don’t want to do a lot of work, let the experts handle your scheduling needs. You can really get some cheap travel packages and deals when you work with the experts.  So go on and experience all the world has to offer.

Estepona Spain - December 2013 Costa del Sol
Estepona Spain – December 2013 Costa del Sol

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