Wagoner TV, Episode 05 – Almuñécar, Spain

Almuñécar, SpainWe are an American family of 4 living in Almuñécar, Spain.  We hope you enjoy Episode 05 of Wagoner TV for kids, of kids and a little of the parents too.  I am even briefly in the video.  Yes, you have all mentioned you need to see me more.  I like being behind the scenes, but you will start to see me more.This time we are speaking more Spanish!  Well the kids are, I am not quite ready to debut my Spanish on video.  I didn’t translate on screen every time, but you will get the idea.  We have some good fun family action as well.  Please leave your comments below and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel (WagonersAbroad).  Meltem, thanks for the fun filming clapper board!

Tell us what you want us to see or do! Is there something in Spain you are curious about?  We can be the gumby and pokey in your travel photo/video.  Come on use your magic “puppeteering” (made that word up) powers from far away and see if you can get us to do it, visit it or see it on the Wagoner TV show.  Be creative and just let us know what you would like.

You may also like my summary of our first six months living in Spain.

Here is a video of what the kids think of our first six months living in Spain.

Enjoy the video and guess what?  We added bloopers at the end!  Do you like them?  Shall we keep the bloopers?

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