Wagoner TV, Episode 03 – Almuñécar, Spain

We hope you enjoy our third episode of Wagoner TV.  This is filmed in our small Spanish Village of Almuñécar, Spain.

An American family living in Almuñécar, SpainWe aren’t always the most creative, but we do have fun making the show.  If you have any comments or suggestions of what you would like to see, please comment below or on YouTube.

The kids LOVE to read the comments!  Thanks for reading/watching.  Experiences are the best gifts ever and will last a lifetime. Enjoy your experiences today.


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4 thoughts on “Wagoner TV, Episode 03 – Almuñécar, Spain

    • LOL hey for 2 Euros a week, she can have all the fun she likes! funny cleaning her room is a “chore” and cleaning the windows is something she likes to “do for fun” on her own. The secret is…. she can see her reflection, so is really dancing with herself. Getting her to clean windows and mirrors are effortless as she can sing and dance with herself. GIRLS! 🙂

  1. That’s just too cute! My kids don’t even want to be seen in photos! So in a lot of them you will see the youngest hiding his face, squeezing his eyes very tight shut, etc. haha.

    • Hey Serena good to hear from you again. I hope you have been well. Yes, our kids LOVE the camera. we have fun making the videos. At a minimum they will love them when they get older, or hate us for posting on YouTube! LOL we will see.

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