Wagoners Abroad Travel Blog Readers In Almuñécar!

This is our 400th Blog post!

So, I was thinking it’s the perfect time to celebrate You!

When planning our move to Spain nearly 2 years ago, we envisioned meeting new people and making new friends in our town.  We started our travel blog to keep family and friends informed of our adventures and experiences.  After 20 months in Spain, we have done just that.  We have made some fantastic friends here in Almuñécar, but there was something we didn’t expect.  We had no clue that by becoming a travel blogger, we would become friends with traveling families from all over the world, and actually meet some of them in person too.

We have shared some of our meet ups with you on the blog, The Barefoot NomadsTravel With Bender, Oliver The World, Luz & Marvin, The Ullan Family and The Taylor Family.  That’s not all, we had another unexpected surprise.

Never did we realize that we would have a “readership”, a following on our travel blog.  We assumed we would have some family and friends keep up with us, but we didn’t really know who else would pop by.  There is something strange about blogging, unless someone leaves us a comment or sends us an email, we really don’t know who is following along out there.

We are often contacted via email (almost daily) and really appreciate all of the questions and comments.  It is so rewarding to know we are inspiring people travel more, think outside of the standard or perhaps even vacation or move to Spain.  It is exciting to know we have helped in some tiny or perhaps big way.

We have met some of our blog readers in the past and haven’t shared them all with you.  Some of the blog readers are actually internet shy, so we have respected their wishes.  That said, we have met up with some UK readers in Nerja, and Serena from Malaga on our return England last November.  We have also met a few families right here Almuñécar, from Bulgaria and a variety of US cities.  It is great that they contacted us and we were able to have some face to face time together.

I have to say that last week was an unexpectedly busy week, when it came to meeting our readers (new friends).  We just fell in love with them all and thought you would like to meet them too!

Travel Blog Reader/Friend #1 – Shirley from Canada  (Tuesday)

Let me just tell you about it.  We had a scheduled met up with one of our readers (Shirley) on Tuesday.  How did we find Shirley?  Here is our introduction to her:

“Heidi, I love your enthusiastic blogs and photos. I am arriving in Almunecar April 9th for a month and feel much more comfortable about my solo journey after reading your stories. They make Almunecar real.”

Shirley had been here in Almuñécar for a month to chill and write.  We were in communications a few times prior to her arrival in Spain.  Unfortunately, we were just heading off to Budapest the week she did arrive, but we still kept in touch.  Once we returned from Budapest, we just had a tough time getting our schedules to jive.  It is amazing how busy you can be when you aren’t working a “9-5” job.  🙂   Anyway, the day prior to her leaving we did manage to meet up and had a great time.  I sure wish we would have had the entire month with her.  Perhaps next year Shirley?
Shirley H and Wagoners Abroad Spring 2014 - Travel Blog Fan

Travel Blog Reader/Friends #2 – Erica, Matt and Lola from USA (Wednesday)

On Tuesday, just prior to meeting up with Shirley, we received an email from Erica.  She and her family were here visiting and wanted to meet up.  How could we say no to this family?

“I’ve been following (and loving!!!) your blog for the last year.  Your experience has been a huge inspiration for my husband and me; we lived in Spain for a couple years and recently moved back to the U.S to start a family. We never thought it’d be possible to move back to Spain with kids, but your story had proven otherwise! I just love your blog…”

Of course we could meet up.  They actually met us on Wednesday near the pavilion, while Lars had his fútbol practice.  We had such a good time and we all fell in love with little Lola!  Turns out Matt and Erica lived in Spain a few years ago.  Erica reminded me so much of my baby sis Karen (I miss her so much), so it was an instant connection for us all.  We visited a couple of hours and then made plans for them to stop by the house on Friday too.   Of course, we were curious about how they found us and this is what Erica had to say:

“Matt found your website when searching for Americans living in Spain– he wanted to read about other peoples’ experiences.  After he found your website, he forwarded it to me and said, “I’m about to consume the rest of your day :)”  (because he knew I’d love it and find your experience interesting!)”
Erica, Matt and Lola meet Wagoners Abroad Spring 2014 Travel Blog Fans

Travel Blog Reader/Friends #3 – Jeanne and Ed from USA   (Thursday, the big surprise!)

This was a special treat and came about in such a weird way, that you must know the full story.  Perhaps Ed and Jeanne would be comfy to comment with more info?  🙂

As many of you know, I crushed my phone a couple of weeks ago.  Well, I am not a spontaneous spender and it took me a while to select the perfect replacement phone.  I ordered the phone on Tuesday, just after meeting up with Shirley.  It was due to arrive for pick up on Thursday afternoon.  Just after siesta, Alan and I decided to head out to pick up the new phone.  As we were leaving, I heard an email notification arrive.  I ran back to take a peek and it was someone named Daizie from Almuñécar.

“I have some guests staying with me here in Almunecar who told me all about your blog and how they came to decide on a holiday here in our lovely town because of your blog, so I thought wouldn’t it be great to meet you,
I am British and my colleagues are Scandinavian, between us we run bed/ breakfast…”

It turns out her office was just around the corner from where I was picking up my phone, so I emailed back and said we would swing by in a few minutes.  We did swing by and visited with Daizie and her colleagues and then popped next door to check out her B&B.  Oh, it was amazing.  I can’t wait to tell you more about that.  In the mean time “her guests” were just upstairs and came down to meet us.  They had no idea we were going to be there and we had no idea they were in town.  It was a great visit and we invited them over for a quick Friday afternoon visit too.

Ed and Jeanne Blog Readers in Almunecar - Travel Blog Fans

Wow!  What an exciting week.  It was great to meet up with people who know us better than we know ourselves.  We would like to thank all of you for taking the time to come visit Almuñécar.   We are so thankful for all of our readers and fellow travelers.  It is such a treat to be able to meet you in person, so if you are in town or in the same town we are, just let us know.

Take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments below, let us get to know You!  How did you find us?  What keeps you coming back?  This is the fuel that keeps us going.

Please let us know you are out there!  Thanks!

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