Help Us Win Top Expat Blog For Spain, 2013!

The contest is over and it looks like Spain won overall, but we were just shy of the top 3 again this year.  Thanks for all of your comments and votes!   Feel free to go check out the article and lovely comments.

We need your help.  Last year we were nominated for this award and were just shy of winning 3rd place.  We were honored to have received an honorable mention, but we would love to place this year.
Top Expat Blog Spain 2013 Nominee

Our requirement to be nominated this year was to write a “Top 10” type article and request comments.

How can you help us become the Top Expat Blog in Spain?

  1. Vote for us.
    1. Read Wagoners Abroad “Top 10 Adjustments to Spanish Life“.  You may be surprised by some of the adjustments.
      Vote Here
    2. Scroll to the bottom of that page, past some odd-looking links and code.  At the bottom, please leave a meaningful Comment!  The comment can be about the article or about Wagoners Abroad (minimum of 10 words).  Maybe how you found us or perhaps we have inspired you in some way.  Anyway, leave the comment you like.
  2. Share this and spread the word to others to give us a vote too.  Ends Friday 20 December 4 pm EST  9 pm GMT.

Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry


Competition Details:

Top Expat Blog Awards and Top Country Prize:
For every country, the highest number of (published) reader contest comments will determine the top 3 entries, awarding them the gold, silver and bronze Expat Blog Awards 2013 badges! That’s over 350 awards to be won!

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21 thoughts on “Help Us Win Top Expat Blog For Spain, 2013!

  1. Wagoners are an amazing, adventurous couple who have taken the leap into living abroad and thereby giving their children a great education.

  2. Wagoners Abroad created and maintains an intimate and entertaining window into the lives of the Wagoner family. The commitment their Blog has made to their followers gives us all the opportunity to “travel” and becomes informed consumers. Looking forward to 2014 posts.

  3. I´ve also entered for Spain! I´m trying to contact all the other writers in our group so we can comment on each others and help each other out! The post about Mallorca has over 100 so maybe Spain can win for most comments! I´ll be sure to comment on yours before the contest ends! 🙂

  4. Best of luck, guys. Although we know the peninsula well enough, it’s interesting to read what you’re getting up to there. Keep up the good work.

  5. Done!

    I don’t see my comment on their site yet, but I assume it will be approved soon enough 😉

    Good luck, Wagoners!! 🙂

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