Top 5 Things to Do When in Khajuraho

If you are a travel junkie, this is the time to explore some of the lesser known places of India. If you plan to visit Khajuraho, then you have made a fantastic decision! Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh is one of the smaller and not so well-known places of the country, but it deserves some attention.

Showcasing many ancient temples and other places with rich Indian traditions, but the architectural structures are what the travel enthusiast in you would want to explore! So, before you embark on your little adventure, here is a list of things we have put together for you to help plan your trip.

Top 5 Things to Do When in Khajuraho


Khajuraho Temples

While at Khajuraho, stopping by these beautiful monuments must be on your list of things to do, since these are the absolute splendour of this place!  There are many ancient Hindu, and Jain temples built between 950 and 1050 by the Chandela dynasty that lived there.  Spread over 20 square kilometers, this area was said to have around 85 temples by the 12th century, most of which are ruined.  About 25 of them survived to display the gorgeous, intricately detailed, and designed structure of these historic temples.  These look like absolute works of art that are sure to attract and fascinate you.

Lakshmana Temple

Another place that is a brilliant work of art and creativity at Khajuraho is the Lakshmana Temple.  Built between 930 AD and 950 AD, this old temple architecture is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  It has several other Hindu Gods and figures sculpted beautifully into its walls, giving the whole place a beautiful historic yet traditional vibe.  This is a perfect place to experience the Indian culture, which was designed and architected as a temple structure!  So, don’t forget to stop by this temple and experience it for yourself!

Panna National Park

Panna National Park is a park that houses wildlife and is also one of the Tiger Reserves of India.  You can hire your jeep to move around and explore the park for various wild species here or even take the boat and see the elephants for the extra fun effect.  If you are into exploring wildlife and birds or just wish to have a fun time, it may be an option for you to check out the Panna National Park.

Raneh Falls

Unlike any other waterfalls, the Raneh Falls of Khajuraho are located on the Ken River.  They have a special charm of their own!  Here, the falls are surrounded by giant rocks of no specific shape, which naturally sculpt the shores of the river.  The entire view of the waters, the rocks, and the fair little greenery is gorgeous and stunning for all nature lovers!  Sunset at Raneh Falls is a particularly pretty sight, so make sure you time it right to watch it before heading out.

Raneh Falls

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho

Now, the Archaeological Museum of Khajuraho is also an interesting place to stop by if historical and antique artefacts are of interest to you.  Built back in 1910, this museum houses thousands of sculptures and loose preserved parts of the ruined Khajuraho temples.

Khajuraho also has other tourist attractions which you can visit.  This ancient place has a calm and charming vibe, with so much of Indian culture treasures in the beautifully constructed monuments.  These alone will make your trip worth it!  If any of these places are calling your name already, then book your vacation to Khajuraho now and experience all these incredible places for yourself.  Remember our pro tip, to get lowest airfare on jet airways flight ticket booking online, through the extremely user-friendly travel guide Yatra.  If you want you can let them to plan your whole trip now, while you sit back and get ready to fly!

Have you been to India?  What is your favorite destination?

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