Top 10 Posts for 2013 – They May Surprise You

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We just wanted to share with you our Top 10 posts for the year.  There was a tie for number 10, so you will see 11 listed.  We have had a great year and we love keeping track of it all on Wagoners Abroad.  We have an important milestone coming up on Monday, so stay tuned for a bigger trip down memory lane.  We can’t thank you enough for following along, commenting, interacting, contacting us and supporting us.  You make all of the hard work that goes into blogging worth it.  Thanks!
Top 10 Posts for 2013

Our Top 10 Posts for 2013

  1. Hands down the top post of the year was about our Naturist Experiment.  It is funny how a little article talking about being naked, nudity, and naturist will get the readers flocking.  Nude beaches don’t seem to be a bother to anyone in Spain, so Alan and I decided to explore and experiment a bit.
    Naturist Beach Cotobro
  2. 10 Free Things To Do In Porto, Portugal (Oporto) –  I find it funny that we have been living in Spain for 16 months and our article about Porto, Portugal comes in at number 2.  Just about every day this is viewed on our site.  We did love our time in Porto and it is a wonderful place.

    River Douro Porto Portugal

    View of Porto Portugal

  3. Our Budget for Living Abroad & Reality (First 4 months) – It’s nice to see that people are reading our budget posts.  Loads of work goes into them and we do hope they are of value.  We do get several emails on the matter as well.  We do keep track for our own purposes, so even if they weren’t read, I would continue to do the work.  That said, it is so rewarding to know that they are being read!  Thanks.
    cost of living in Spain
  4. 6 Months Living in Spain – What were we thinking? – We do our best to document our milestones along the way and the 6 month mark was the most popular.  This is when Spain became home and we settled into the culture and a huge turning point for the kids with learning the language.  Our YouTube video interview has been viewed over 1700 times!  It is our biggest hit on our channel.

    expagt kids Living in Spain

    Interview about first 6 months living in Spain

  5. Top 5 Reasons to Take a Sabbatical – We love to discover new things, but the best things learned are our self discoveries.  Hands down, this journey has been the best thing we have ever done as a family.  About 9 months into our journey, we shared our top 5 reasons why.
    Frigiliana Spain - Quad Bikes Wagoners Abroad
  6. Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013 “The Reality” – If you want Epic (a favorite word used by Lars daily), then this is the post to read.  I can’t believe this was nearly 6 months ago and I am just full of emotions about all that we did on this trip.  It was a trip of a lifetime and rarely does a day go by when we don’t make a reference to something from the trip.  I know our entire story is incredible, but this really iced the cake.  We double our budget allowed for this road trip and it was worth every single dollar spent!Schynige Platte a bit of fun
  7. 10 Tips for Spanish Resident Visa Application – for the American Traveler – This has helped many people and we love that you reach out to us with your questions.  We will do our best to help make it easier for you.  We are contacted so frequently on this topic, we decided to write an eBook.  Alan worked diligently for several months on the eBook and it was launched in November 2013
    “Live in Spain”.
    Live in Spain

  8. Living Abroad Budget in Spain – Actual Spend (Months 5,6 & 7) – People are very interested on how a family of 4 can live in Spain/Europe for just $100 per day.  It is true it can easily be done.  We share it all with you, when we are on track and when we derail.  It could actually be done for less, but we have about $600 – $700 a month set aside for travel.  To our family that is just as important as food and housing, but to others it may not be a priority.

  9. How Much Did Our 6 Week European Road Trip Cost? – It looks like we have a theme here.  It is so important to see what others are spending to help you gauge what you may spend.  No two families are alike and the terms luxury and budget can be loosely interpreted.  All we can do is share are particulars with you and let you adjust from there.
    Actual cost of 6 week European Road Trip
    The final two tied for number 10, so we will share both of them with you.
  10. Municipal Market Almuñecar (The Daily Market) –  Finally something about our home town of Almuñecar, Spain!  We are often asked questions about living in Spain and where we would recommend.  Of course we would choose our town of Almuñecar, but it all depends on what you are looking for.  We love our town and all that it has to offer.
    Mercado Municipal Almunecar Daily Market
  11. Comparison of Primary School in USA and Spain – This is another hot topic which we receive several emails asking for more information.  It is difficult to compare as we only have 2 data points, our school in NC and our school in Spain.  Once again, we share our experiences and allow you to go from there.
    Learning Spanish Language at School in Spain

Thank you!  Please do feel free to contact us or leave your comments and let us know how we can help you.  Don’t be shy, we will be very open with you and tell you what we know.  Even if you are just curious about something, ask away.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for 2013 – They May Surprise You

  1. Hello,

    It’s great to read other experiences and adventures. I am currently working for US govt in The Netherlands and a US Army retiree. My wife is Belgian and kids have dual nationalities. Two years ago we bought a home in Rafelcofer (80km from Valencia). We have pretty much covered Spain and decided to settle one of these years. Our ‘plan” to move to Spain as retirees (at 57 yrs old) currently 50 yrs of age. Sons will not move with us due to independence at that time, hopefully. Anyway, in our area there are many Brits but I have yet to run into an American Expats. It is hard to compare being an American, taxes, healthcare, importing vehicles and the list goes on. At least I’m on the continent and technically can drive southwest and be in the home I own.

    My question is adapting and integrating. My weak point is that I’m language ignorant. I lived in Germany for 11 yrs and Netherlands for 6 yrs and do not speak either. I have tried but fail but survive. My real concerns are visa, taxes, drivers licences, the things we need to survive. I do have an attorney with special power to act in our behalf and a bank account currently. Do you have a good place to do your research and ask questions? It seems Americans are few and far between in Spain. Thanks for any advice or recommendations in advance.


    • Hi Kevin,

      Oh that is great and sounds like you have wonderful plans. We absolutely love Valencia. Well, we are a great place to start!

      We have the “mother of all move to Spain posts” available for you, which is also loaded with info. As far as taxes, that is a very personal area with too many variables, so we wouldn’t provide any help there. There are many more Americans moving to Spain, as we have helped over 150 families/couples/individuals (that we know of) through some part of the process. I would seek out a tax advisor in your town or perhaps check out the Legal4Spain website.

      We also offer consulting in many of the areas and just published an ebook with everything you need to know about Driving in Spain (as Americans). We also have a great ebook for non-EU citizens to obtain a resident visa called Live in Spain, and we have a great deal of consulting around that process as well.

      I hope that helps.

      • Thanks Heidi for the quick reply,

        Even though we own our own home, we are still non-residents with a lot of homework to do. I will look into your recommendations and I’m sure I will have questions. Our Spanish attorney is a big people but I don’t have a daily opportunity to discuss a vary of topic with him. I have six yrs to plan and don’t like to procrastinate. Thank You and all the best. If there is a possibility, I’d like to find an American in the area of Gandia (south of Valencia) I could open dialog with. If you know of any, please feel free to forward my contact info.


        • Sure. We know a few people in the Valencia area, but don’t like to give out their info. I will refer them to this comment and allow them to reach out to you via the comments or if they want to contact you, we have your info. I am not sure if they will reply, but worth a shot. I would suggest you look at expat ( and forums and facebook groups too, if you are a facebook user.

  2. I especially liked the school comparison article. great post and interesting to see what others like to read. of course, the nudist beach post was very, very funny….I can see what that would stand out as number 1!

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