This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches!

You’ve just had a 4-hour flight with the kids and they were great!  Once you are off of the plane, your luggage is the first to come out.  You load it all up on the cart and one of the kids is sitting on top of the luggage squealing with excitement about the upcoming weeks with all of their favorite Sesame Street characters.  You are excited about the thought of having some time to relax, while the kids are being entertained.

This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches Resorts. Read more on

As you exit the baggage claim area, you are greeted by an attendant from the all-inclusive Beaches Resort.  They quickly take your name, take your luggage and escort you into the welcome lounge for your first Mai Tai of the trip.  Next thing you know you are being shuttled to your resort and all of the magic is now happening!  You don’t have a thing to worry about, or plan.  All you need to do is enjoy the ride and have the most amazing family vacation of a lifetime.

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I am sure you are wondering how I know this, so I will tell you it is from loads of experience.  Before we started our lifestyle of full-time travel and living abroad, we still enjoyed destination vacations with the kids.  When they were young, we longed for taking a family vacation, but also wanted adult time.  It wasn’t until we went on our first Beaches Resort vacation in Turks and Caicos, that we discovered the perfect combination.

Our family vacation at Beaches was the best of everything!

We had good quality family time, activities for us all, unlimited food and drink, as well as time for Alan and I as a couple.  The kids loved going off for a few hours to the kids program, while Alan and I had time to go scuba diving or have a romantic dinner out on our own.  It was the perfect balance for us and we were addicted.  The following year we had to try out a different Beaches Resort and made our way to Ocho Rios in Jamaica.  The next time, it was Beaches Negril with Grandma Linda for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving holiday at Beaches Negril Jamaica! This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches Resorts

That week over Thanksgiving still remains one of our most memorable family trips.  The pristine white sandy beaches felt like you were walking in puffs of flour.  The meals and activities were spectacular and we even had time to go enjoy the formal adult-only restaurant.  On Thanksgiving day, we were off to make reservations for one of the restaurants, only to find out all of the restaurants were going to be closed.

No food for Thanksgiving

For a split second, we were thinking “how are we going to eat?”, then they stated they do something special for this American holiday.  Well who knew you would have something special for Americans in Jamaica, but they did and they knocked our socks off with what they had planned.

It was all kicked off with a walk out to the beach and the most amazing fine dining tables were set with name cards and bottles of wine.  We glanced to the left and immediately noticed “Wagoner Family” on the second table.  We took our places and all of the other guest arrived, when out of nowhere, we hear music in the distance.  The beating of drums, the sounds of singing, and the sight of a conga line fast approaching.

This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches Resorts. Read more on

Next thing you know, we were all whisked up by various Sesame Street pals such as Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby, as well as the entire staff from Beaches Resorts.   These characters were like movie stars to Lars and Anya.  Their two favorites managed to pick us out from the crowd. It was a dance party to remember, with the most incredible outdoor dinner buffet.  We had freshly carved turkey and prime rib, with all of the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes and a little bit of Jamaica too.  The food and drinks were endless and the party with dancing and fun was endless too.

Abundant Activities

Our kids were young when we went on this perfect family vacation.  We have taken them all over the world since then, yet they still have strong and fond memories of this holiday.  We made tie dye shirts, the kids danced all week and went on scavenger hunts, made cookies, and ate endless amounts of ice cream.  Experience the Caribbean’s most exciting waterparks at Beaches Resorts!

Of course us adults loved the time to relax, to spend good quality time together as a family, but for me I loved that I didn’t need to worry about the budget.  We of course did pay an extra fee for us adults to go ziplining.

I will never forget my smack into that tree!  Ziplining isn’t my forte, or at least stopping (5 min mark on video), but I did have fun. I think it is important to laugh at yourself sometimes, so go ahead and laugh at me too.

This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches Resorts. Read more on

We didn’t have to pay a bill, leave a tip, wonder how much that bottle of wine was going to cost.  Everything was included from the beginning, so it was really stress free.  There was no saying no to that second ice cream cone or allowing the kids to try new foods.  It was ideal for all of us to take our worries and throw them out the window.  We joined their loyalty program and each time we returned, new gifts and special treatment awaited us.
Single Parent Fun at Beaches Resorts!

Have you had a family vacation at Beaches Resorts?  They do have amazing deals, so be on the look out and grab it when you can.

This Will Make You Want A Family Vacation At Beaches Resorts. Read more on

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  1. Nice package you’ve got! It is really stress free when you know that you don’t need to give extra pay at the end of your family vacation! Kids surely love to play in the beach and also it will also give you time to relax yourself!

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