There’s no place like home

Home is a word we all use often, with several meanings. Many refer to home as “The place I grew up”. Some refer to home as “Where my family is”. Others just mean “Where I currently live”.  For us today, Almuñecar felt like Home.

We had our first weekend getaway after being in Spain for six weeks. Now keep in mind the first couple of weeks were somewhat of a vacation or temporary places to stay. We have been in our town home exactly a month. Upon returning home from our weekend in the mountains, we all said “It feels good to be home”.  It was an “ah ha” moment, where it felt like home and no longer an extended vacation.

The kids couldn’t wait to go spread out in their rooms. I couldn’t wait to gaze at the incredible view off of the balcony. And Alan was happy to get comfy on “our furniture” and enjoy the Sea Breeze.  We all have our little favorite things and as we did in the states, we all immediately go to those places upon return from a trip.

It was a good feeling to be home!

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4 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Loved your “adventure within an adventure”. My favorite part of the video was hearing your laughter and hearing you say so many times, “Alan, get up here”. Anya was the smart one when she got way out of the way in one part of the video. So cute!
    Anyway, WELCOME HOME! What are you going to do for an encore …..

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