There’s A New Travel Planning Tool In Town – Yonderbound!

Many times we are asked about how we plan our travel.  It seems you want to know how we book our flights, research activities, destinations and accommodation.  As you know that is a loaded question, as we like to use the tools available to us.  Sometimes one tool is better in a certain location than others.  I am sure you have used review sites to help you plan and decide on where you will go or what you will do.  We all know how reviews and opinions of others to help you plan.  We do too!  But now there is a new travel planning tool in town and it is called Yonderbound!

Yonderbound is Travel Planning, Social Media, Inspiration and Reviews all rolled into one.

Yonderbound is Travel Planning, Social Media, Inspiration and Reviews all rolled into one.

I have been playing around with Yonderbound and trying to figure out if it is going to meet our needs.  It is new and growing, but we see big potential here.  We are big fans of leaving our reviews on booking sites, Tripadvisor and more, as we find it helpful to us and others.  We do all of this for free, as we like to help others plan and have the companies know our honest thoughts about their product and services.

Yonderbound takes it a step further.  It adds a visual layer and social level which many others don’t.  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is what you get with this tool.  You get to see photos, and reviews by fellow travelers.  Let me show you a little about how it works.

How does Yonderbound work?

To start it is similar to many other accommodation search sites.  You enter in your destination and dates and it compiles results from many booking sites.  The results are presented to you and you have your standard options of filtering those, to fine tune what you are looking for.

Yonderbound search results

What happens next is what makes Yonderbound new and unique.  You can favorite or save your potential choices and start building your Yonderbox.

Yonderbox – This is your workspace or scrapbook for planning and also a place where you can leave your comments and reviews.  It can be shared with others to help them plan as well. This helps others find inspiration and make decisions based on your feedback and opinions.  


You have a choice to create a new Yonderbox or add it to an existing one.  You also have the choice of making this information public or private.  If it is public, other users of Yonderbound can see your information.  Also on the search results you will see Yonderboxes from others with that destination.  You can view theirs to see their opinion and review.  If it is an approved Travel Blogger, you will see the “Blogger” banner across their Yonderbox.  Of course there are filters as well and you can even see Tripadvisor reviews from here.

You can add as many hotel as you like in your Yonderbox and add notes about what you like and don’t like about the accommodation.  This is great for planning and helping you build your trip.  We have an upcoming USA road trip we are planning and we will have many stops along the way.  I’ve decided to create one Yonderbox for the entire 4-week trip and use it as my planner.


We have also created a Yonderbox for one destination, where we have stayed and decided to share our thoughts on the experience we had there.  It is up to you, what you would like to do.   Of course you can keep things private while you are planning and then once it is complete, share that Yonderbox with the public as well.  If you are a Pinterest fan, you can also use this site in a similar way.  You can create Yonderboxes for your dream trips and just bookmark and save the info, for future reference.

Exploring Yonderbound

So what are your options if you don’t know where to go and are looking for inspiration?


You can go to your dashboard and check your history, see how many credits you have stored or just explore other Yonderboxes.  You can also “follow” others and their Yonderboxes, just like many other social media platforms.  This way you can keep up with people or places of interest to you.  Alternatively, you can use a map to guide your way to see what is out there.


Yonderbound is new so what does that mean?

As I stated earlier, this is a new platform so with that comes some potential growing pains. They currently have nearly 400,000 properties listed in their database and it will continue to grow.  So it may not have every location covered yet.   Some of the filtering on the results is being improved, based on user feedback.  This is the time for you to help contribute and build a tool which really works and helps.

For me personally, I would also like to be able to add activities, transportation and other travel planning to my Yonderboxes and really make this a complete travel planning tool.  I have been told some of this is in the works, so that makes me very happy.  I would also like to know when I might find a better deal, if I have flexible dates, similar to what airlines offer.  This could build into something really amazing.  As it is in Beta or new mode, it is time to help build and shape it into the tool we all want and need.

How is Yonderbound different?

Millions of people write reviews on popular sites and offer up their advice for free.  Well, now it is time for things to change.  Yonderbound is the only website that allows you to inspire other people to travel, share your travel knowledge, and make money along the way!  Yes, you can earn Yondercredit to spend on hotels, by referring others from your Yonderboxes.

Please go ahead and create your free account.  If you use the link we provide to search for great family travel destinations with Yonderbound Sign Up, you will receive a credit towards your first booking.  That’s free money, so go ahead and sign up today and check it out.  No money to invest, just look around.

search for great family travel destinations and accommodation

Do you think Yonderbound is going to be a useful travel resource for you?  What’s the first yonderbox you’re going to create?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in the post at no extra cost to you.  We have partnered with Yonderbound and promised our review of their product.  We will continue to review and share results and functionality with you as it develops over time.

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I’m hearing really, really good things about Younderbound. The promoters are doing a heck of a job getting the word out, that’s for sure. Keeping this in mind for when I speak to my trip planner, Kelli, LOL.


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