The Wagoners are officially Abroad!

Greetings All,

After 4 airports, and 14 hours of travel, we have arrived in Spain!  While we got in Sunday afternoon, we’re still a bit jet-lagged.  Stay tuned!

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About Alan Wagoner

Alan digs on technology and travel and is definitely the comic in the family. He's traveled all over the globe in search of cultural experiences. He has a fantastic wife and two great children that put up with his "humor", and luckily they all love travel as well. In Aug 2012, they sold their house and all of their possessions and moved to Spain to soak up the culture. He has written a book titled Live In Spain to help those wanting to obtain a Spanish Resident Visa. He also loves to write about the funnier side of the family's adventures.

7 thoughts on “The Wagoners are officially Abroad!

    • Juan!
      Things are going well. We are still in tourist-mode, but I think we’ve ruled out Valencia as a place to live. We really like the city, but we’re thinking that we want to be closer to the water, and that our money will go further down south.

  1. We will be reading your news.
    We wish you so much luck.
    Kiss Anya and Lars for us and tell them we miss them.

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