The Spanglish Stage

When we first arrived in Spain, we only spoke Spanish when we needed to. In other words to get food, accommodations, directions etc.  It wasn’t much different than being a tourist. We could get by and get the basics accomplished.  Now it was time to really study Spanish. We were forced into new situations that go beyond being a tourist and we have managed to get through them all, without any bruises. (We will do a separate post on some of the more challenging experiences).

Little by little I am noticing each of us sneaking in Spanish words mixed into an English sentence at home. Sometimes even a full Spanish sentence or phrase will be used at home.  I believe we have now left the “tourist” stage and have entered the Spanglish stage (mixture of Spanish and English).

The other day, I wrote Anya a note thanking her for completing her homework and making me smile.  She replied with a note and it was a complete mixture of Spanish and English.

“No problema Mama.  I love you mucho. The sunrise is bonita. Buenas Dias”

The kids ask “what’s for dinner?”  and I reply in Spanish,  “el arroz, el pollo, las cebollas, las zanahorias, el brócoli, pan y agua”. It is exciting to see them naturally seep the language into our daily lives.  I am sure in another month or two, it will weigh more heavily on the Spanish side of things. (That is my hope anyway).

I am so impressed with them and how they are getting along. Actually, I don’t want to sell ourselves short either. I am pretty impressed with us all.  Alan and I have found this journey to be pretty painless. We have had a few moments of frustration, due to not being able to communicate properly, but we have gotten through them all. Everyone has been so patient with us and helps us out (keep in mind, not by them speaking English). They help us get the words out or we somehow play charades or something to get the point across.  That is how we learn sometimes, the hard way!  That is how we remember for next time!

A day has gone by since originally drafting this and Anya has even more Spanish in her nightly note to me. 🙂  So cute!

Note from Anya - 5th of October, 2012 (study Spanish)

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2 thoughts on “The Spanglish Stage

  1. Great hearing from you. Pretty soon you will all speak spanish real good. What an experience!!! Love you all.

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