The Best Apps and Tools for Rocking Your Next Road Trip

Fantastic apps and tools for smartphones and tablets exist, which can help your next road trip flow smoothly and be trouble-free. The following is a list of handy favorites that can transform your travel from a potential headache into an enjoyable adventure.

Navigation apps

There are various navigation apps on the market but the pick of the bunch has to be Google Maps.  Take a look around any major city and it’s hard not to notice travellers galore hefting huge backpacks with smart phone in hand, peering into their screens and exploring the city under the direction of the all-seeing-eyes of Google Maps. So many people use Google’s services because they work so very well and best of all they are free. When heading off on a road trip, program in the destination, then kick back and relax and let yourself be guided turn by turn. All kinds of great information is available and features like Street View allow you to take a peek down the street of your destination so one never need miss a landmark again.


Trip Advisor

It’s hard to remember what life was like before this fantastic application came along. When looking for community reviews that are impartial and informative, Trip Advisor is definitely the bomb! The app works on Android or IOS and can be used to hunt out the best hotel rooms, restaurants and vacation experiences from Niagara Falls hotels to all over the world. Find Your Best Holiday Travel Deals Today- Book Now!

One can plan an itinerary from their smart phone and easily find local attractions and tips on prices and what exactly to expect before one even arrives. The downside is that once-hidden gems are no longer secret, meaning some of the spontaneity or happy accidents can be lost, but this app has fast become the go to tool for travellers worldwide.  Check out Wagoners Abroad Trip Advisor account.


Restaurant Apps

Apps like UrbanSpoon, Happy Cow, or Zagat to Go, really do offer the best in restaurant reviews. They can help you to find obscure restaurants, which may otherwise have remained hidden. As always, it is best to read a number of reviews to get a general overview as one person’s glowing review could be countered by another 10 that rate the same restaurant as super suspect. Many of these apps have filters that allow you to search by price, distance, special needs such as gluten-free or vegetarian and also by 3,4, or 5 star ratings.

Games for the kids

With smart phones and tablets becoming so universal it’s easy to have at least a couple of devices in the car to keep the kids entertained. Be sure to load up with movies, cartoons or their favorite games before hitting the road. Having access to car chargers helps make sure the battery life will last longer than the intended travel time and the entertainment need not suddenly end.  If you are running low on batteries, we have some road trip game ideas for you to play in the car too.

Travel & Road Trip Games

Audio Streaming

Gone are the days of creating mix tapes for that special road trip, but that doesn’t mean missing out on the perfect sonic atmosphere for travelling. Music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, Songza and Rdio have picked up the slack and guarantee the soundtrack to your road trip will be top-notch and tailor-made. It’s like having access to your own personal radio station, so whether it’s easy listening, indie folk, pop, or techno, the choice is totally up to you. With a Bluetooth enabled car stereo the music can be piped straight from a smart phone or tablet, through the air for you to enjoy.

Technology is here to stay and with a little bit of knowhow and the right devices, the above tools and apps have enabled travel to become a lot more fun and stress-free for millions of people around the world.

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