Thanksgiving in Spain

Today is Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November) in the United States.  Thanksgiving is traditionally a day of giving thanks for the harvest and the preceding year.  Though many of our readers and friends aren’t from the USA, there are still many celebrations and festivals when one gives thanks.  From what I have read, In Canada every October they too celebrate a day of thanks for the harvest (Our Canadian friends can keep us honest on this one and tell us more in the comments).

Thanksgiving Sunrise 2013  Almunecar Spain

While in Spain there isn’t one day of thanks for the harvest season, but more about celebrations of individual harvests.  In late August there is a celebration called La Vendimia in Requena, Valencia, which is celebrating the grape harvest.  On October 31st many towns celebrate Castañadas y Otoño (Chestnuts and Autumn).  Here in Almuñécar they roasted chestnuts at the school and the kids just loved it.  So while this day is a tradition for those from the United States, we all have things to be thankful for.

We couldn’t possibly list all that we are thankful for, but just off the top of my head here are a few.

This Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for:

  • One adoring, funny and handsome husband, who has not only gone along on this international adventure, but has embraced it and is working very hard to keep it going.
  • Two awesome, well-rounded, social, loving and happy, healthy children.
  • Supportive family and friends all over the world.
  • Yet another spectacular multicolored, brilliant and magical sunrise.
  • Thanks to you for reading all about our adventures, especially for commenting and asking us questions.

So some of you were curious about our Thanksgiving Meal and asked, “What are you having for your Thanksgiving dinner?”

Well, we are trying to make the most with what we have.  We made a valiant attempt to wing a Traditional Thanksgiving Menu here in Spain, with limited resources.
Thanksgiving Meal in Spain

Our Thanksgiving Menu

  • Roasted turkey breast (pechuga de pavo) –
    • They sell boneless, skinless turkey breasts at our Mercadona, so that is what we used. We rubbed it with some herbs and slow roasted.
    • The family outcome = Yummy!
  • Homemade dressing/stuffing
    • Minus sage (salvia), we couldn’t find it in our town or in Motril.
    • The family outcome = “Um, YUK”  it was very gooey.  My fault as I am a stove top stuffing kinda gal.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (batatas)
    • This is really just for me. I don’t think anyone else likes them.
    • The family outcome = OMG they were awesome! (only Lars and I liked them)
  • Mashed potatoes (puré de patatas)
    • The family outcome = just standard
  • Assorted veggies (verduras)
    • The family outcome = just standard
  • Salad (ensalada)
    • The family outcome = oops forgot to put it out…too late now.  We will have for dinner.
  • Almost apple pie (pastel de manzana) with vanilla ice cream
    • Nope they don’t sell that “All American Pie” here is Spain, so I baked apples with a wrapped crust, as we have no pie tin.
    • The family outcome = YUM!
      Criss Cross Apples
  • Crescent rolls and twists
    • They don’t have any pop can types of bread and I am so not into rolling out dough! I bought some pizza crust dough and sliced, rolled and twisted it.
    • The family outcome = Alan and Lars liked it, while Anya and I thought it was too plain.
  • Sparkling wine (Cava) – forgot this too.  Shoot!  It has been in our fridge for so long, we need to drink it!  Maybe tonight?
  • Okay, your turn…Please share with us your Thanksgiving plans, your Thanksgiving menu or just what you are thankful for.  🙂
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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Spain

  1. Hi Serena! How have you been? We’ve missed you. Yes, we just discovered the puffed pasty and have made some apple turn overs and we also found some mixed berries too!

  2. In Canada they celebrate a sort of Thanksgiving in October, they say it’s because by November all the turkeys have frozen to death over there!

    I sometimes buy puff pastry (masa de hojaldre) and stuff them with whatever I feel like (usually blueberry jam, yum!) and make a really neat crescent roll with that.

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