How To Start A Blog In 6 Easy Steps

We’re going to do something fun in this post.  Something fun, and something easy.  We get so many comments from readers who like reading our blog, and they often ask how to start a blog of their own.  In the past, we have kept our tips and tricks to email, as we wanted to stay true to our Family Travel Blog vibe.  Though as with anything, things begin to change.  We are answering this question far more often and people look to us as the experts.  So, the time has come to share what we know with you and make sure it is easy to understand.

Learn how to start a blog in 6 easy steps! We have some great tips to share with you. It is so easy to do, give it a try. Read more on


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How To Get Photos from Android to WordPress

This is a post dedicated to all of my fellow WordPress bloggers out there.  Here is a scenario that happens to me frequently, especially when we’re out traveling or seeing the sights.  How do you get photos from Android to WordPress?  And more specifically, to the media area on your hosted WordPress blog?  This post will provide you one way of accomplishing your goal.Android to WP Continue reading