Adventures With Anya: How To Donate Hair!

About six months ago, we were traveling in Asia.  It was so hot there and my hair was so long, I just wanted to cut it all off.  My mom told me to wait until we were in the USA, because it would be easier to get it cut how I wanted there and they speak English.  Since I knew I had to wait a few months to get my hair cut, I kept looking in the mirror to see how short I wanted it.  Then I decided I wanted it above my shoulders and Mom suggested we look into donating my hair.

If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on

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Interested In Exploring Florida?

Every year, scores of tourists flock to the USA’s Sunshine State. From Orlando’s plentiful theme parks to the beautiful beaches of Miami and the sophisticated Fort Lauderdale, rare is the person that doesn’t enjoy themselves in Florida.

Disney World Halloween 2008 = Exploring Florida

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