Travel Changes You, Then What?

When we started on our journey in August of 2012, we had a plan.  That plan was to be away for 18 months or so, and then return to the USA and return to a traditional life.  We moved to Spain, went through a couple of honeymoon months.  Then into a period of trying to figure out our rhythm and routine in our simplified lifestyle.  We cleansed ourselves from all of the material things we collected in our traditional American lifestyle.  We were now in new territory and trying to find the path for our family.

Wagoners Abroad Kilim Geoforest Park Langkawi Malaysia

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Travel Packing List – For A Year Of Travel

When we sold it all and moved to Spain in August of 2012, we really downsized and simplified our lives.  When it came to packing, we knew we were going to be stationary in one place in Spain and then take small vacations from our home base.  Our packing list for the move was a bit of a challenge, but we knew we would have a place to store those items that would be used occasionally.  We ended up bringing 1 large backpack, 1 suit case and 1 carry on each.  The carry on was the size of a laptop backpack.  Now we have morphed from having a home base to being homeless or as some may say “nomadic”.  Well, our home is where ever we are!

How to pack for your vacation

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